Share Your Memories

Maybe it was the first time you felt like a bona fide college student. The last time you smelled the sulfur in the lab. Or maybe it was something your professor said that soaked in and stayed with you through the years. Tell us, and tell your fellow Warriors, what you remember most about your college years at CSU Stanislaus. We’re building a collective memory bowl from which to share nostalgia in dollops. Read about those memories here...

     “My 5 years at Stanislaus (4 undergrad, 1 credential program) were some of the greatest years of my life! I was the first group to move into the Village I in 1993. In 1995, at the beginning of my junior year, I met Chris who is now my husband. In addition to all the meals at Mom's, climbing the rocks to sit on the waterfall, and being an R.A. during my last year, one of my fondest memories is of walking to classes in the fall admiring all the changing colors of the leaves on all the sideways trees! I hope our children are as fortunate as to have such a wonderful college experience.

Ashley L'Herault Peters
'97 Sociology, '98 Teaching Credential