Share Your Memories

Maybe it was the first time you felt like a bona fide college student. The last time you smelled the sulfur in the lab. Or maybe it was something your professor said that soaked in and stayed with you through the years. Tell us, and tell your fellow Warriors, what you remember most about your college years at CSU Stanislaus. We’re building a collective memory bowl from which to share nostalgia in dollops. Read about those memories here...

     “I remember all the wonderful times going into the field to do archaeology with Dr. Napton. I also remember how sad I was the day he told me he would not let me stay around to get my MA. Dejected and dishearted I applied to four major university postgraduate programs. Each of which turned my application down. I decided to walk at my graduation. My mom and dad, wife and her parents present, but sad despite walking with honors. It was kind of surreal, as I had no future prospects. After the graduation I returned home with family. I picked up the mail and in it was a letter from Arizona State University; one of the schools which had turned me down. It was both an apology and acceptance letter into ASU's PHd program from Dr. Keith Kintigh. You can imagine my joy. Of course my first phone call of this great news was to Lew Napton, thanking him for preparing me and kicking me out of the nest. I continue to thank him today as I work as a full time archaeologist for the State of California and run my own Archaeogeophysical consulting firm.

Billy A. Silva
Anthropology BA 1989