Share Your Memories

Maybe it was the first time you felt like a bona fide college student. The last time you smelled the sulfur in the lab. Or maybe it was something your professor said that soaked in and stayed with you through the years. Tell us, and tell your fellow Warriors, what you remember most about your college years at CSU Stanislaus. We’re building a collective memory bowl from which to share nostalgia in dollops. Read about those memories here...

Gary Novak     “For some reason, there was a bust of Sigmund Freud lying around the Psych department, even though by then Freud was already more a historical figure rather than a valued contemporary one. The irony is that as a behavioral psychologist, I was about as far theoretically as you could be from Freud, looking at overt behavior rather than the unconscious mind. It was part of a montage of photos from the 70s that included Jane Howard, former clerical assistant Arlene Tallman, Jamie McCreary, Jim Wakefield, and Cynthia Morgan. Also a grad student Alan Friedman.

Gary Novak
Dean of College of Human and Health Sciences
and long-time Psychology Professor