Share Your Memories

Maybe it was the first time you felt like a bona fide college student. The last time you smelled the sulfur in the lab. Or maybe it was something your professor said that soaked in and stayed with you through the years. Tell us, and tell your fellow Warriors, what you remember most about your college years at CSU Stanislaus. We’re building a collective memory bowl from which to share nostalgia in dollops. Read about those memories here...

Jim Hanson in a class room     “After being hired as one of the first faculty members in the summer of 1960, it was a really exciting experience to start out at a new college. The faculty really worked hard to plan and get Stanislaus State College off to a great start. A group of us that included John Caswell, Lloyd Bevins, Gerry Crowley, Lola Johnson, Lorraine Johnson, and the architect met every Wednesday evening with President Vasche at the former Paul's Motel in Turlock while the facilities were under construction at the Fairgrounds. Vasche was determined to develop plans for the entire campus and its future. It was really quite a great feeling when we moved to the new campus. We had more than 10,000 people come through for an open house that first year.

James Hanson
Retired Professor of Zoology
and charter faculty member at CSU Stanislaus