Share Your Memories

Maybe it was the first time you felt like a bona fide college student. The last time you smelled the sulfur in the lab. Or maybe it was something your professor said that soaked in and stayed with you through the years. Tell us, and tell your fellow Warriors, what you remember most about your college years at CSU Stanislaus. We’re building a collective memory bowl from which to share nostalgia in dollops. Read about those memories here...

Marty Grynbaum     “Some of my favorite memories from my Stanislaus State days are about Warrior Day. It was a lot different kind of an event in those days and just about everyone on campus participated. I remember President (Carl) Gatlin and administrators Joe Corbin and Bill Mason participating in the canoe races in the pond. The greased flagpole climb and tug-of-war were very popular events. The Elvin Bishop band and Tower of Power played in concert on campus. The next year it was The Tubes. There was a great sense of school spirit on campus then and everyone looked forward to the basketball homecoming game. Professors like Rao Cherukuri and small classes made my college experience a great time of my life. I was taking theatre arts classes for electives, got involved in putting together sets, and will always remember the fun we had with the production of The Wizard of Turlock.

Marty Grynbaum
Modesto Stockbroker and member of CSU Stanislaus President's Council
1972 Stanislaus State graduate in Business Administration
1971-72 Associated Students President