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Concentration in Agricultural Biology

This concentration has a science focus and thus will appeal to students with an interest in the biological aspects of agriculture.  It will build upon the major core in Agricultural Studies plus the concentration requirements.

Requirements (minimum 20 total units):

1a. BOTY/MBIO one course (4-5 units)
BOTY 3500/3502 Plant  Pathology (4)
BOTY 3700/3702 Flowering Plants (4)
MBIO 3010/3032 Bacteriology (3)  Lab (2)


1b. ENTO/ZOO one course (4 units)
ENTO 3000/3002 Principles of Entomology (4)   
ENTO 4800/4802 Agricultural Entomology (4)     
ZOOL 4430/4432 Invertebrate Zoology II (4)


2.  Ecology one course (3-4 units)
BIOL 4200 Ecological Agriculture (3)       
BIOL 4680/4682 Ecology (4)
BOTY 4600/4602 Plant Ecology (4)


3.  Internship in ag-related setting (3 units)
AGST 4940 Internship in Agricultural  Studies (3)               
BIOL 4940 Internship in Biology (3) 

D. Upper division elective units in agriculture-related courses, to bring total upper division courses in the concentration to a minimum of 20 units. Recommended electives would include additional courses from the lists  above, and/or

BIOL 3300 Conservation Biology
BIOL 4000 Biogeography
BIOL 4010 Research and Technical Writing in Biology (WP Course)
BOTY 3000 Principles of Plant Propagation
BOTY 3050 Plants, Agriculture and Man
BOTY 4200 Plant Physiology
ENTO 4330 Medical and Veterinary Entomology
MBIO 4600 Food Microbiology
MBIO 4700 Host-Parasite Interactions
NSCI 3000 Science for Self Sufficiency
GEOG 4301 Permaculture

    Total:    20 units

*   Specific elective courses within the concentration may have additional prerequisites  (e.g. BOTY 4200, MBIO 4600   and MBIO 4700). Students, who have not completed specific prerequisites, are allowed to enroll with consent of instructor.

** If an equivalent course has been completed at the lower division level, an equal number of upper division elective units must be completed. 

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