Modern Languages
College of Humanities & Social SciencesModern Languages
Degrees and Programs
  • Bachelor of Arts, Spanish
  • Supporting fields and minors: American Sign Language, Italian, Portuguese, Latin American Studies
  • Spanish Concentration for Liberal Studies majors
  • Spanish majors and minors often combine their Spanish degrees with teaching certificates, a single-subject waiver, or second majors.
What you can earn
  • Spanish Translator, $42,000
  • Spanish Teacher, $59,000
  • Interpreter, $43,000
  • Labor Relations Manager, $101,000
  • Hospice Chaplain, $59,000
  • Philosophy Instructor, $55,000
Source: 2011
Our Faculty
  • Jason Winfree (Chair), Ph.D., Vanderbilt ('01)
  • Carlos Andrés, Ph.D., Wisconsin ('95)
  • Teresa Bargetto-Andrés, Ph.D., Wisconsin ('97)
  • Sandra Garcia-Sanborn, ABD, UC Berkeley
  • Enrique López-Contreras, Ph.D., Simon Bolivar Univ. ('97)
  • Manuel Murrieta-Saldivar, Ph.D., Arizona State ('98)
About The College
Central to the mission of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences is fostering an appreciation and understanding of the value of lifelong intellectual pursuit. The College is committed to a liberal arts curriculum that broadens the mind and encourages students to become active, engaged, compassionate participants in our diverse global society.

The college offers 16 majors and 23 minors at the undergraduate level in addition to fi ve degrees and one certifi cate program offered at the graduate level.

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