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Blackboard > Faculty Help | Assignment Link
Faculty Help
Assignment Link
Using the Assignments link for student work submission
Watch the Bb Assignment Link.swf silent video with text tags
(first released in Version 6 - still applicable to version 8).

Caution: Remember to Modify Assignments and Assessments to make them Unavailable (not visible to students) rather than remove them.
Clicking Remove will delete both the contents and the grades in the grade center.
Download All Student Assignment Documents
To download all student Assignment documents for one assignment in the Grade Center in one compressed (.zip) file:
  • Click the double downward point arrows next to the Assignment Name at the top of the column
  • Click Assignment File Download
  • Select the student assignments to download by checking the box next to the student name
  • Click Submit
Most computers will uncompress that downloaded zip file with built-in software. Contact BBSupport (667-3898) or the Help Desk (667-3687) for information.

For your download to work correctly for you, tell students to:
  • download your instructor/direction documents to their computer
    (save target as, download link to disk, etc.)
  • save and close a document before submitting it, and to be safe, quit the application
  • give unique names to multiple files submitted (use only letters, numerals, and the underscore). It might also help you if they put their last name on the document file name or the folder to be zipped
  • When necessary, remove older versions of a document before uploading a new version
Assignment Link Cleanup
Use the Item File Cleanup when all is done, complete, recorded, and archived.  Although this is not necessary, it can reduce the file size of your Bb class for archiving.
Warning: Delete can not be undone.
  • To use the Assignment File Cleanup, from your Bb class Control Panel,
    Click Grade Center
  • Click the double-down arrow by the Assignment Name at the top of the column
  • Click Assignment File Cleanup
  • Click Check All or place a check by each item to be removed
  • Click the Delete button at the bottom of the page
  • Do this for each Assignment Link in your course after you have downloaded and graded the assignment, sent feedback, and downloaded your Grade Center data.
Important: Do not delete the assignment, only the documents in the Assignment File Cleanup area.

More info at San Diego State University
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