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Blackboard > Faculty Help | Course Management | Course Copy & Special Requests
Faculty Help
Course Management | Course Copy, Special Requests, & My Courses Module Settings
How to Copy Course Material

To copy material to a new course from the original course

Go to the Control Panel of the original course with the content.

Click Course Copy > Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course (since the new course is already created, Bb identifies it as existing).

Step 1. To identify the Destination Course, enter or copy/paste the new course ID or click Browse, find the new course by Bb Course ID and click its Select button.

Step 2. Select the Course Materials to include in the copy process.

Don't include Step 3. Enrollment for a new term - or you would need to remove all those names from the new course.

However, if you are copying content from current single sections into a current combined section, use Enrollments to copy all the students from each individual section into the combined section.

NOTE: Bb requires at least one other item to be copied with the Enrollment. Select an item that you know is empty or will be easy to remove on the receiving side.  See Special Requests.

Step 4. Click the Submit button.

In the new (Destination Course) turn on (make Available) any items you turned off (made Unavailable) in the original course. 

Set the Original course to Unavailable and, when you are ready, set the new course to Available.

Some pages in the Destination Course may have content displayed in a different order. Rearrange that in the new course using the numbered tabs.

Copying Individual Items
The Copy Button for individual items has a Destination Course drop-down menu that lists all courses in which you are the instructor.  However, it does not display the Bb Course ID.

The Destination Folder link to copy an item within the course lets you copy an item to a different location in the same course.

Special Requests

Please send special requests for combining sections or importing older content to

Since all Blackboard courses are created and updated using information from Admissions and Records, these special combination courses will need additional faculty maintenance for the class roster.


If you need content from a course not currently on Bb, contact BbSupport.
Send the Bb Course ID of the original course to be copied

  • Previous ID: Year-Term-Course####-Sec, e.g.,  2009-SP-EDIT4170-005
  • New ID: YearTerm-Course####-Sec, e.g., 2092-CS4000-003

Include the new course name and section or the Bb Course ID 3-digit-year-and-1-digit-term number

Year: 209 = 2009, 210 = 2010, 211 = 2011
Term #: 1 = Winter, 2 = Spring, 3 = Summer, 4= Fall

The Bb Course ID is listed with the course name in the Bb Courses tab and on your course Control Panel. 

Modify your My Courses Module

Set your Welcome 2 MyBb Course Module to display the Course ID by clicking the small yellow pencil icon and checking the Display Course ID column for those courses.

To clear older courses from your My Courses module, remove the check marks in the row for that course.

Click the Submit button to make the changes.

||||||| Updated: 7/16/09