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Blackboard > Faculty Help | Course Roster & Enrollment | Enrollment Type
Faculty Help
Course Roster & Enrollment | Enrollment Type
Instructor Led Enrollment
Only the course instructor or a system administrator can add student names to the class roster.

Bb class rosters are populated about a week prior to the beginning of the term and are updated daily to add newly enrolled students.  There is no automated removal of names from the Bb class roster.  See Course Roster Population.
Self Enrollment
Students can add their names to the Bb class roster.

The Self Enrollment setting can include Start and End Dates and an optional Password.

Suggestions for use of the Self Enrollment feature:

  • Turn on the password feature. Tell it to students in class.
  • Use it only for a short time, then turn it off manually.
  • Avoid using the Start and End Date settings - they copy to for a new course and need to be reset.
  • Check your class enrollment list regularly while Self Enrollment is turned on.
  • Avoid it if you have any confidential information or documents you do not want shared with the CyberUniverse
  • Set your course to Available
  • Place the course in the department Category to help students find it quickly
    Control Panel > Settings > Categorize Course - select the appropriate item from Add category. Click Add. Click Submit

Directions for setting Self Enrollment

  1. From your class Control Panel, click Settings under Course Options
  2. Click Enrollment Options
  3. Click the button for Self Enrollment
    Set a Password if desired (Bb calls it: Require access code to enroll).  Avoid using Start and End Dates unless you want to change them after you copy your course settings to a new course.
  4. Click Submit
  5. Copy and paste the student directions (email, your web site, etc.) or give students the address of the PDF version of the student directions.
Self Enrollment Directions for Students
Self Enrollment is an option instructors can select for their courses to allow students to add their names to the class roster.

This action does not officially enroll a student in the class, it only adds the student’s name to the Blackboard class roster.

A student is enrolled in a course only when the official CSU Stanislaus roster lists the name.

Only when the instructor activates this feature from the Control Panel can students add their names to the Bb class roster.

How to use the self-enrollment feature

  1. Know your CSUStan Blackboard Username and Password (both are the same as the email account).
  2. Know the course department and number, section, and name,
    e.g., ENGL 1001, section 001, First-Year Composition.
  3. Go to the Blackboard entry page and Login with your CSUStan ID and Password.
  4. Click the Courses Tab in the top field
  5. Click the Department Name under the Course Catalog heading.
    If necessary, click category folders to find the class name.
    Or, use Search Catalog if the course does not appear in a folder. Click Search entire catalog before clicking the GO button.
  6. Find the Course Name and ID (year-term, department abbrev., course number, and section) on the page.
    Verify the correct section if there is more than one.
    Click the Enroll button at the far right.
    (Avoid clicking the Preview button or the Course Title.)
  7. The Self Enrollment page appears.
    Click Submit.
  8. The Receipt: Success message appears.
    Click the OK button to enter the course.
Your name is on the Bb course roster.
The Bb roster includes your name, ID, and e-mail address.

Check your STANMail Web e-mail or follow the E-mail Forwarding directions for your computer on the Current Students page to forward your e-mail to another account so you receive all messages from your instructors sent through Bb.
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