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Blackboard > Faculty Help | Course Roster & Enrollment | Guest Access & Observers
Faculty Help
Course Roster & Enrollment | Guest Access & Observers
When Guest Access is Turned On...
... non-enrolled visitors can see your course contents.
If you anticipate inviting guests or having your course open to general guests, set your Course Catalog area to make it easier for them to find your class.

Guests can not see rosters, assignment, grades, or any areas you make unavailable to guests from your Bb course Control Panel.
When Guest Access is turned Off...
... only students or other users on the roster can see the course and its contents.
Configuring Guest Access
To turn Guest Access on or off, from the Control Panel under Course Options:
  • Click Settings
  • Click Guest Access
  • Click the Yes or No button for Allow Guests
  • Click Submit
  • Click OK

Note: To select which course content to display for guests, continue with the next two parts.

Enable the Tools you want your guests to access.

  • Click Manage Tools
  • Click Tool Availability
  • Check the boxes under Allow Guest for all the areas where you want guest access
    (e.g., Announcements, Content Area, Staff Information)
  • Click Submit.

Enable Guest Access for the Menu Areas you want guests to access.

  • Click Manage Course Menu
  • Click the Modify button for a content area.
  • Check the Allow Guest access box
  • Click the Submit button.
  • Click OK

Repeat this process for each area you want to make available to guests.

Observer Access would be for a parent/guardian or academic advisor to track a student and view, but not access, the course material. If we had that tool available, an Observer would need a unique Bb User ID and would be attached to one Bb Student User account.

We do not use Observer Access.

||||||| Updated: 5/26/09