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Faculty Tutorials
End of Term Considerations
The end of the term is a good time to look at your course from two different perspectives.
1. Course Administration
Look at your course from an administrative viewpoint.
Take note of your BbID# (e.g., 2013-TERM-DEPT4170-003).

Cleaning the Assignment Links frees room on the Bb server for the next term's courses. Remove all files after you have completed grading and have archived the course. Leave the course content, i.e., items that you can copy to a Bb course for a new term.

Download a final copy of the Grade Center to keep as a backup.
2. Instructional Review
Look at your course from an instructional standpoint.
  • What worked and what didn't?
  • How could you help your students find and use important course information more effectively or efficiently?
  • How could you have your students participate more in Discussion Forums?
  • What materials did students indicate were missing or needed updating?
  • How could you use Bb to help your students learn better?
Each time you use Blackboard you may learn or try something new. Use the time between terms to fine-tune your course. If you would like assistance optimizing your course either technically or pedagogically, contact BbSupport (667-3898) or our Instructional Designer (664-6511) to make an appointment for a consultation.
End of Term Checklist
  • Complete all course assignments and grading
  • Enter grades electronically at MyCSUStan (
  • Download each course Grade Center - use Tab Delimited format to open as a spreadsheet
  • Export course content for your own backup [optional]
  • Clean Assignment Link items
  • Copy content to the next term course and update it (e.g., time sensitive material, additions, changes) in the new course
  • Test the changes and additions in the new course

Blackboard courses are made Available for students prior to the first day of instruction and made Unavailable to students after Finals.
Instructors see all courses. A course marked Unavailable indicates students do not see it.

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