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Blackboard > Faculty Help | Tips for Student Assistance
Faculty Help
Tips for Student Assistance
Some Options to Consider
  • Download: Blackboard Log In Information.pdf
  • print the document and make copies for your students (unless you wish to save some trees)
  • e-mail the link to them
  • e-mail a copy to them
  • tell them where to find the link so they can download and print it.
Student STANMail Accounts
  • are the official CSUStan email accounts for all university information, business, and contact
  • are created when students enroll
  • are the Bb email account of record
  • are the source of User IDs and Passwords for all CSUStan logins
The STANMail User ID is the student's email account ID (first initial and last name, with variations to avoid duplicates).

The characters before @CSUSTAN.EDU on the instructor's Bb roster (List/Modify Users) are the students' User IDs.

The STANMail password is the same as for MyCSUStan and all other university accounts.
The WebMail interfaceNew Browser or website icon is quite robust and user-friendly. It also has a link to the FAQ.
Students can contact the OIT Help Desk, L-150, 667-3687, for email, Blackboard, and other technical help.
Student Blackboard ID
The student Bb login (User ID) is CSUStan email ID (before the @ sign).
The student Bb password is the same as the email password.

Remove students not on your official roster using the Bb class Control Panel - Remove Users from Course feature.

After searching and placing a check mark in the box of students to be removed, type the word Yes with a capital Y and a lower case es in the text box and click Submit.
Student ID Number
The student ID number on the Class Roster in MyCSUStan is not used in Bb. Bb users are identified by the User ID, which is the csustan email ID.
Name Changes

When a student records a name change at Enrollment Services, the update in Bb is done manually.  The student can contact the Help Desk (L-150, 667-3687).

The student Bb User ID will not change since it is also the email account ID. The User ID will identify the student in your Bb class roster, even if student's name does not match the User ID.

Faculty can contact BbSupport, 667-3898, for more information.

Student Help
Students contact the OIT Help Desk, L-150, 667-3687, for Bb, E-Mail, or other technical assistance.  The Help Desk can not assist with course content.
More student help is on-line at the Computer LabsNew Browser or website icon page.
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