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Assignments - View, Submit, Review; Zip

Instructors may place an Assignment Link in any content area in your course so you can upload your completed work. You may upload word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, media, or other computer files to Blackboard.  Use only letters, numerals, and underscores in the file name.
Your instructor evaluates your assignment and can provide feedback in text boxes or by uploading a rubric or other file to your assignment link. You can see grades, comments, and attached files in the My Grades area.
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On This Page: Navigate, Upload, Review, See Grade, Zip

Navigate to the Assignment

1. Click the navigation link on the class menu to enter the Content Area that contains the Assignment link.
2. Click the Assignment name

Upload Assignment

1. Read the Assignment Information.
2. Enter Assignment Materials in the Text Box Editor by keyboarding or copy/pasting (see 3 Ways to Paste Clean Text into a Bb Text Box Editor),
    Use the Paste from Word tool when copy/pasting from any Rich Text Formatted document.
3. Attach a File using the Browse My Computer button to navigate to your file (single file or zipped folder). Click to highlight it and click the Open button. Verify the file name in the Attached files area.
4. Enter any Comments, if necessary.
5. Click a Submit button.
NOTES: Save as Draft button does not submit the assignment. It saves the page and allows you to return to complete the process.
If submitting multiple files, htm/html documents, or file types that are not standard word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, or media, it is strongly recommended you place the file(s) in a folder and zip/compress that folder. Then submit the folder to Bb. That way the multiple files stay together and the special files will transport without error. See Zip.

Review Submission History

1. Read the Assignment Information
2. Review Submission History. This will indicate if the assignment has been graded and will have any comments or attachments from your instructor.
3. Finish. click OK

Seeing Your Grade

After your Instructor grades the assignment, return to the Assignment link or go to My Grades
Click the Assignment name link or the Grade link.
The Instructor Feedback section displays the Grade, any Comments the instructor entered, and any Attached Files the instructor gave you.

Zip or Compress Folders

Sometimes multiple files are necessary for an assignment, or a special computer application is used to create the file, e.g., Inspiration. In this case, zipping (compressing) the files in one folder is the most effective way to upload them all at the same time, to keep them together, and to make it possible for your instructor to download your assignment for evaluation without errors or file corruption.
Start by placing all files in one folder with a short, descriptive name.
Windows – Right-click on the folder and use Send To > Compressed (Zipped) folder
Mac – Right or Control-click on the folder and use Compress “Folder Name” (some Mac OS X versions may say Archive or Create Archive).
Upload that compressed/zipped file to Blackboard for your assignment. Do not double-click or open the zipped file. It is a compressed duplicate of the folder.
Keep the original folder with your work in a safe place.

BbSupport 2/9/12