Communication Studies

International Path to the Major

The Department of Communication Studies supports the concept of international education and encourages students to investigate opportunities for overseas study.


Year in Sweden:

Students may elect to complete their senior year at Uppsala University, Sweden in the International Media and Communication Studies program. Prerequisites include completion of all lower division requirements, completion of English composition with a “B” grade or better or advanced placement in English, and an overall GPA of 2.75. It is also strongly recommended that students complete a course in Modern European History.
Students desiring this year at Uppsala should select the Organizational Communication/Public Relations option in the major. The following courses must be completed at CSU Stanislaus:

9 units of upper-division General Education A minimum of 88 units of the 120 required to graduate (including community college units)
COMM 3100 - Advanced Interpersonal Communication, 3 units
COMM 3140 - Persuasive Messages, 3 units
COMM 3900 - Communication Research Methods, 4 units
COMM 3200 - Communication Theory (WP), 3 units, or
COMM 4140 - Rhetorical Theory, 4 units

The following courses at Uppsala will complete the core and fulfill the requirements in the Organizational Communication/ Public Relations option in the major:

Fall Semester:

Spring Semester:

Notes: For students electing this course of study, their capstone project would consist of submission of a portfolio or reflective papers about their global experience undertaken in this year in Sweden.

Students may elect other international programs as available. See the Office of International Education for information and consult with your academic adviser in the Department.

Updated: 08/11/2013
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