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Contribute > Copying a page on your website
Copying a page on your website

You can create a copy of the page you are currently viewing on your website. You must be viewing the page in the Contribute browser. You cannot create a copy of a page that is a draft in the Contribute workspace. Also, you cannot copy a page from one website to another website. Remember to add a link to the page before you publish; otherwise, website visitors cannot navigate to the page.

To create a copy of a web page:

  1. Navigate to the page you want to copy, and click the New button in the toolbar or select File > New.

    Note: You cannot create a copy of a page that contains frames.

  2. The New Web Page dialog box appears. [View MAC Image | View PC Image ]
  3. In the Create new web page, select Copy of Current Page.

    Note: If you cannot select this option, you are viewing a page in your browser that you cannot copy. If you do not see this option, your Contribute administrator has restricted the types of new pages that you can create. For more information,
    talk to your Contribute administrator or see “Settings for new web pages” on page 223.

  4. A preview of the page appears in the Preview pane on the right side of the dialog box.
  5. Enter a page title in the Page title text box.
  6. This title appears in the browser title bar when a website visitor views the page; it does not appear on the page itself.
  7. Click OK.
  8. The new page opens as a draft in Contribute. Be sure to add a link to your new page before you publish it

    Note: Contribute creates the new page in the same folder as the page you copied. You can change the folder location when
    you publish the new page.

||||||| Updated: 06/22/2010