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Contribute > Draft Review Process
Draft Review Process

Understanding the draft review process

The Contribute draft review process lets you send a draft to other Contribute users to get feedback or to collaborate before you publish the draft. Or, if your role doesn’t allow you to publish directly to the website, you might need to send the draft to someone who can review the draft and publish it.

You can send a draft for review to anyone who has connected to the website; Contribute stores user names when users connect to the website. You can send the draft to multiple reviewers at one time, but only one person can edit the draft at a time. When you send a draft for review, you transfer “ownership” of that draft to the reviewer. That means the reviewer has to take action on the draft. After you send a draft for review, you can track the draft to see what action the review takes on the draft.

When you receive a draft for review, it appears in your Pages panel in Contribute. You might also receive an e-mail message from the sender to alert you that you have a draft to review. As a reviewer, you can decide to edit the draft, send it to another user for review, or discard all changes by canceling the draft. Depending on your role, you might also be able to publish the draft.

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Understanding the e-mail review process

The Contribute e-mail review process uses your default e-mail application to create a message containing a web address where reviewers can see a temporary copy of your draft. Contribute automatically creates the temporary copy on the same server where you publish your website. The recipient clicks the web address (URL) link in the email
message to view your draft.

Note: If you are assigned a role that cannot publish, you cannot use the e-mail review process.

When you send an e-mail review request, Contribute displays a message under the toolbar to alert you that you sent the draft for review; the message includes the date you sent the review request. You can then save the draft for later, until you get feedback from your reviewer, or you can continue editing the draft.

After reviewing your draft, the reviewer can send you feedback by e-mail. The reviewer cannot edit the review draft. You can make changes to your draft based on the reviewer’s feedback, and then publish the draft or request another review. When the draft is canceled or published, Contribute removes the temporary copy of the draft that it placed on the server for the reviewer.

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To send a draft for review:

  1. Click Send for Review in the toolbar, or select File > Actions > Send for Review.
  2. Select the Send the draft to another Contribute user option, and then complete the dialog box. You can send the draft to any user who has connected to this website.
  3. Click Send.
  4. If the Send New Page dialog box appears, you can change the draft’s filename or click Choose Folder to select the folder from where you want to publish the file. Then click Send.

    Note: The current folder location appears in the web address under the filename.

  5. If the Send Linked New Files dialog box appears, you can click the names of the unpublished linked pages, and then change the filenames and folder location. Then click Send All.
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