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Saving Drafts

You can save a draft while you work , or you can save a draft and switch to another draft or to the browser.

Saving a draft while you work

Contribute automatically saves a copy of your draft when you switch to the browser, switch to another draft, publish the draft, or exit Contribute; but you can also periodically save your work if you want.

When you edit a page or blog entry (see “Editing existing web pages”), Contribute
automatically saves the page as a draft, and the draft title appears in the Pages panel in the sidebar.

To save a draft and continue working:

  1. Select File > Save.

Note: When you save a new page draft for the first time, you do not give it a filename until you publish it.

To save a draft that is on your computer and continue working, do one of the following:

  1. Click Save in the toolbar.
  2. Select File > Save.

Note: This option is only available for drafts saved on your computer, not drafts that are associated with a website

Saving a draft

You can save a draft you’re editing and work on another draft, switch to browsing, or close Contribute.

Contribute saves your draft whenever you leave it and keeps the draft in the Pages panel until you publish, cancel, or send for review.

To save a draft until later:

  1. Do one of the following to leave your draft:
    • Click Browser in the Pages panel to switch to the browser.
    • Select View > Browser to switch to the browser.
    • Click the Save for Later button in the toolbar to close the draft and switch to the browser.
    • Click another draft title in the Pages panel to edit that page.
    • Close Contribute.
  2. If you closed Contribute, restart the application.
  3. Click the draft title in the Pages panel to return to the draft you were previously editing. The draft appears in the Contribute editor for you to continue editing.
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