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Contribute > Working with web pages based on DW templates
Working with web pages based on Dreamweaver templates

A Dreamweaver template is a special type of web page that contains a preset page layout and includes elements such as text and images. In Contribute, you can create a web page. You can also edit a template-based page for a website, edit the template properties of the page for a website.

Note: If you have a lot of templates on your website, Contribute can take longer to start. For faster startup, consider not connecting to specific websites or disabling your websites when you start Contribute.

Editing a template-based web page

A page based on a Dreamweaver template (a template-based page) has editable regions, where you can add or edit content, and locked regions, where you cannot add or edit content.

No Editable Region IconNote: If you try to edit a locked region in a document based on a template, the pointerchanges to indicate that you can’t click in that region.

When you view a template-based page, you see outlines around the editable regions. The editable regions each have a tab at the upper left giving the name of that content area. The tabs show you where you can add or update content on the page. [View Image]

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