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Deferring Tuition Fees

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Depending on the amount of award

Financial aid students who have been awarded will have all or part of their tuition fee deferred until their financial aid payout dates. Students with scheduled financial aid payouts that are insufficient to cover the total of required tuition fee must pay the remaining balance before the payment deadlines listed under Tuition Fee Payment Deadlines located in the class schedule. Students must have the total tuition fee must be paid and/or deferred to avoid losing their classes. Financial Aid recipients uncertain about scheduled payout amounts must contact the Financial Aid Office (209) 667-3336 for specific instructions.


Deferred tuition fee and other debts to the University will be deducted from the first available financial aid, regardless of type of aid, including loans.

Financial Aid Applicants who have not yet been awarded

Financial aid for Fall 2011 must contact the Financial Aid Office to find out if they qualify for deferment of their registration fees payment. To obtain a deferment, qualified students must have completed their financial aid file by the deadline.If they do not, the students must pay required tuition fee by the payment deadline.

*NOTE: By accepting deferment of their tuition fee, students agree that they are fully liable to the University for their tuition fee, whether or not they ultimately obtain or accept financial aid or attend classes. If they do not pay the required tuition fee, the only way to cancel their obligation to the University is to officially withdraw from courses by Deadlines in Class Schedule.

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