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English Language Program

English Language Program: University Readiness/TOEFL Preparation


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The English Language Program (ELP) is a non-credit intensive English program for international students. ELP courses are designed to prepare students for academic study at the university. In addition, the course prepares students for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), which is required for admission.

Note the following:

  1. ELP is a 1-year program; however, students passing the TOEFL exam at the end of the first semester may move into their program of study at the university provided they meet all the other admission requirements.
  2. Admission to ELP does not ensure admission to California State University, Stanislaus.
  3. Students enrolled in ELP are not allowed to enroll in university courses unless prior approval is granted.
  4. ELP students are not eligible for OPT or CPT.


The Campus

The University enjoys an ideal location in the heart of California’s Central Valley, a short distance from the San Francisco Bay Area, Monterey, Big Sur, the Sierra Nevada mountains, and the governmental hub of Sacramento. The 228-acre campus is located in the City of Turlock, a community that prides itself on its small-town atmosphere, clean living space, excellent schools, and low crime rate.

Course Description

The format for this course is broken into three parts: listening and comprehension; structure and written expression; and reading and vocabulary.

Weekly Schedule

Listening and Speaking Lab Listening and Speaking Lab Listening and Speaking Lab Listening and Speaking Lab Prep
TOEFL Prep: Listening Computer Lab TOEFL Prep: Listening Computer Lab Presentations
TOEFL Prep: Reading Reading Lab TOEFL Prep: Reading TOEFL Practice Test Presentations
TEOFL PRep: Writing Writing Lab TOEFL Prep: Writing





*Please note that the weekly schedule is subject to change at any time in an ongoing effort to structure this course in order to meet the specific needs of the students


Course Breakdown
Weeks of Instruction
Hours of Instruction per Week
Lab Hours per Week
Total Hours per Week
Total Hours to Complete

Three Course Components

The following is an outline of each part, containing specific area objectives and classroom activities in which this course will develop the objective skills in each area.

Part 1 - Listening and Comprehension



Classroom Activities to Develop Listening and Comprehension Skills


Part 2 - Structure and Written Expression



Classroom Activities to Develop Understanding of Structure and Written Expression


Part 3 - Reading and Vocabulary



Classroom Activities to Develop Reading and Vocabulary Skills


This class will concentrate on content-based activities that help students develop and improve their skills in the four areas of listening, speaking, reading, reading, and writing.  These content-based activities will cover important ESL topics and subtopics such as essay development and grammar.


Attendance and Participation

Attendance and participation is essential for success within the University system. Therefore, absences, for whatever reason, will not be excused. Students will be held responsible and if they must miss class due to extenuating circumstances, they need to take the responsibility of alerting the instructor by email (the sooner, the better) and make up any assignments that were missed.  More than 5 absences (20 hours) will warrant a failure of the program.



The grading for this class is PASS/FAIL. This class does not receive any University credit, although those who successfully pass the class will receive a Certificate of Completion.

In order to pass the course, students must meet all requirements and submit a final portfolio for readers to assess.  Grades will be determined by the portfolio, which will be submitted upon completion of this course. Independent readers will determine whether students have demonstrated sufficient progress and whether they pass or fail.

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