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Jim Youngblom




Native of LaFayette, MN (population 500). Spent first 30 years of life in home state of Minnesota. Lived for 3 years in San Francisco before moving to Turlock. Wife Janey is colleague in Biology Dept. Son Reuben is 20 and daughter Emily is 17.

Academic Credentials

1987-1990: Post-doctoral Fellow, University of California, San Francisco.
University of Minnesota, Ph.D., Dept. of Genetics and Cell Biology.
Winona State University (MN) , B.A., Biology.

Area of expertise

Genetic Biotechnology

What have you learned from your students?

I have been reminded from my students not to prejudge people and not to give up on people. Many of my students are going to school and carrying heavy course loads while also carrying heavy loads of different sorts outside of class. Students who do poorly in one situation or one class should not be dismissed. Oftentimes students who did not impress early will come roaring back at a later date or in another situation.

Why do students choose CSU Stanislaus?

I think our students like the feel of the campus- it's safe and relatively compact. Our students appreciate the small classes and the opportunity to drop in on any of their professors. This term, I have 3 classes and only 82 students!

How do students succeed in your class?

Eager students who are keeping up with materials or reading ahead, asking questions, and thinking about genetics outside of class are my favorite students and tend to outpace the others. Students who are asking questions in class are often the ones at the top of the class.

What brought you to CSU Stanislaus?

I was looking for a university with an emphasis on teaching but with opportunities for research. We wanted to live in a college town to take advantage of some of the associated cultural activities. My wife and I seldom miss a CSU Stanislaus theatrical production.

If you were not teaching, what other career do you see yourself in?

If I were not teaching, I might have become a sports journalist. I have always had an interest in sports and in writing. Today I enjoy a good book combining sports and history.

Describe a former student who has attained professional success.

I am most proud of the students who have gone on to study genetics in graduate school. At this time, there are 8 recent CSU Stanislaus biology graduates in various genetics graduate programs around the state. Jennifer (Mullins) Richmond is a former student who worked in my lab from 2000-2002. She has completed her graduate program. Today she has a M.S. in genetics and is teaching biology at Modesto Junior College and is a lecturer here at CSU Stanislaus.

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