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Strategic Planning 2010

The current planning process, underway since 2002, began with review of the 1998 strategic goals published in Pathways to the Future. Review of campus accomplishments and challenges guided the development of the 2003/4 and 2004/5 annual goals.

Strategic planning during 2003-2004 included developing a draft vision statement and university values, completing a SWOT analysis, developing an assessment plan and using the annual goals to guide budgetary decisions. Information gleaned from these efforts, regional trends and the CSU Stanislaus Regional Impact Report will serve as the foundation for development of the next five year plan.

Culminating strategic planning efforts this year will define the new five-year University strategic plan 2005 to 2010. Documents on the right provide critical elements and the campus review schedule.

Strategic Goals 2005-2010

PDF Strategic Goals 2005-2010.pdf

Goal 1: Prepare CSU Stanislaus graduates to become fully engaged and responsible leaders in a global and increasingly interconnected world.

Objective 1A: Prepare students to understand and improve our region within the context of a broader global awareness and environmental sustainability.

Objective 1B: Prepare students to act ethically and make informed and responsible choices in their personal and professional lives.

Objective 1C: Increase student knowledge and understanding of diverse societies, cultures and languages.

Objective 1D: Significantly increase student participation in interactive learning experiences through undergraduate and graduate research, internships, and service learning opportunities on campus and in our community.

Goal 2: Enhance the quality, distinctiveness and public image of our learning-centered University’s academic and co-curricular programs.

Objective 2A: Engage in assessment activities and continuous improvement to enhance student learning and to achieve the highest levels of regional and disciplinary accreditations.

Objective 2B: Grow academic programs and support activities in disciplines that enhance our region’s economic viability.

Objective 2C: Strengthen our general education programs to prepare our students for lifelong learning and multiple careers.

Objective 2D: Increase opportunities for participation in contract and grant activities.

Objective 2E: Increase student preparation, connection and access by partnering with our regional schools.

Objective 2F: Improve student leadership development, career preparation and job placement programs to meet the needs of our students and achieve national recognition.

Goal 3: Ensure that the higher education needs of our growing student body are met through 2010 with high quality faculty, managers, staff and infrastructure.

Objective 3A: Continuously exceed CSU system-wide averages and our national comparison universities for rates of student retention and graduation.

Objective 3B: Complete and continuously review the Turlock campus Physical Master Plan to prepare for a full campus build-out with a 15,000 student headcount by 2020.

Objective 3C: Recruit, develop and retain excellent faculty by creating a model that addresses our commitment to flexible faculty workload and promotes teaching excellence, professional development, diversity, scholarship and service to the university and community.

Objective 3D: Recruit, develop and retain excellent managers and staff by supporting professional development, diversity, work process innovation and service to the University.

Objective 3E: Increase opportunities for close student-faculty interaction and for student engagement with the campus community.

Goal 4: Develop CSU Stanislaus-Stockton to provide eight to ten complete academic programs with the appropriate levels of academic, administrative and student support services.

Objective 4A: Increase student access and retention by offering reliable and consistent course scheduling and student support services designed to meet the needs of the CSU Stanislaus-Stockton student population.

Objective 4B: Offer high quality facilities and resources for distance learning among the Turlock campus, the Stockton campus and our broader service area.

Objective 4C: Offer long and short-term customized programs to meet regional education needs.

Objective 4D: Develop, in collaboration with the community, a comprehensive master plan including financial, facilities and student headcount for CSU Stanislaus-Stockton by 2008.

Goal 5: Raise awareness and appreciation among targeted local, regional, national and international constituencies regarding the impact of the programs, services and values of our university.

Objective 5A: Conduct a capital campaign to raise $50 million by 2010 that will enhance our core academic mission and help to celebrate the 50th anniversary of CSU Stanislaus.

Objective 5B: Identify, develop and maintain critical public and private partnerships that serve the needs of our growing student body, faculty, campus and community.

Objective 5C: Build our alumni program and increase awareness of their accomplishments and contributions to society.

Objective 5D: Target programs and support activities in the Fine and Performing Arts, Athletics and Special Events in order to enhance the region’s cultural enrichment.

Academic Senate Approval, 4.12.05

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