Student Success Committee

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Committee Membership


Committee Membership 2012-13

Name Position
James Strong Provost/ VP Academic Affairs, co-Chair
Suzanne Espinoza VP Enrollment & Student Affairs, co-Chair
Fernando Beltran Retention Services
Lisa Bernardo Enrollment Services
Nancy Burroughs College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Betsy Eudey Faculty Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning
Tammy Giannini Advising Resource Center
AnnMarie Guichard College Of Humanities and Social Sciences
Jennifer Humphrey Housing
Marjorie Jaasma Interim AVP Academic Planning & Analysis
Brian Jue College of Natural Sciences
Susan Marshall First Year Experience, Title V Part A
Caroline Mercier General Education
Amye Leon Advising
Susan Nuefeld College of Education
Ronald Noble Student Affairs
Gabriela Nuno STEM
Brandon Price Center for Excellence in Graduate Education (CEGE), Title V Part B
Miriam Salameh ASI Vice President
Angel Sanchez Institutional Research
Staci Scheiwiller College Of Humanities and Social Sciences - School of the Arts
Jesse Wolfe College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Jim Youngblom Faculty Representative, STEM
Shawna Young Center for Excellence in Graduate Education (CEGE), Title V Part B
David Zhu College of Business Administration



Committee Membership 2009-10

Name Position
Herman Lujan Academic Affairs, co-Chair
Stacey Morgan-Foster Student Affairs, co-Chair
Abel Abrego Student
Rick Albert Student
Jennifer Bailey Student
Taylor Buhler-Scott Student
Alina Martin Student
Lisa Bernardo Academic Affairs
Lee Renner Retention Services
Ronald Noble Dean of Students
Angel Sanchez Institutional Research
Pauline Telya Advising Resource Center
Susan Marshall Faculty Director of GE/College of HSS
Daniel Davies College of Arts
Marina Gerson College of Natural Sciences
Melanie Martin College of Natural Sciences
Victor Luevano College of Human & Health Sciences
Warren Jacobs Library
Susan Neufeld College of Education

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