Student Success Committee

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Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Committee

The Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Committee is led by Mr. Roger Pugh, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management. The committee includes many of the members of the Student Success Committee, as well as others, and is charged with developing an enrollment plan. Although both committees have looked at retention targets and data, the SEM Committee reviews this data as it affects overall enrollment. The SSC, on the other hand, reviews this data more as it relates to quality of life and achievement of student success. In developing an enrollment plan, the SEM will discuss a variety of topics, to include the following: retention, academic profile of entering students, long term enrollment targets, outreach and recruitment action plans, communications plan, information about university image and branding, international enrollment targets, staff development, customer service, early outreach program, and utilization of faculty and alumni in recruitment.

Contact information:

Ms. Lisa Bernardo, Interim Associate Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Management, (209) 667-3964

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