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{Teaching Performance Assessment}

Dr. Chris Nicholas Boosalis

TPA Coordinator

DBH 303A (inside Credentials Services office)

All TPA-related email and questions should be directed to:


TPA Announcements

MSCP Students - Orientations for Spring 2014 Student Teachers have been scheduled and an email and posting on the MSCP forums has been sent. Please check your junk email folder or the MSCP Blackboard forum for more information and to register for one of the orientations in December or January.

TPA Due Dates

Due dates for Fall 2013 will be posted under TPA Dates & Deadlines. Due dates will also be set in TaskStream.

TPA Orientations for First Semester Students will be announced around the first week of September.

TPA Orientations for Second Semester Students will be conducted in the classroom management classes (MSCP) or second semester cohort classe (SSCP).

TPA Revisions and Requirements

Revised TPA procedures include:

1. Task Submission Dates vary for each task each semester - Dates differ by program (Multiple or Single Subject) and are posted on the TPA website: www.csustan.edu/TPA Students are solely responsible for timely submission of TPA tasks. 

2. Failure to submit a TPA Task on the Due Date - Students who fail to submit a TPA task on the due date must enroll in the Extended Education (UEE) course for that TPA task prior to submitting the late task. UEE Enrollment requires paid tuition which may vary by semester.

3. Failure of TPA Task and Resubmission – Any failed task requires UEE enrollment in the TPA Remediation course prior to resubmission of the task. UEE Enrollment requires paid tuition which may vary by semester.

After December 14, 2012, all TPA late submissions and remediation will require Universtiy Extended Education (UEE) enrollment and paid tuition which may vary by semester. Details can be found here.

Check the TPA calendar for the Fall 2012 submission schedule here.

Questions should be directed to: Dr. Chris Boosalis at tpa@csustan.edu.

TPA Candidate Handbook

The TPA Candidate Handbook is your first source for questions on what is expected for each Task; the current TPA Candidate Handbook is located here.

TPA Task Templates and Rubrics

TPA Task templates and TPA Rubrics from the CTC are here.

TPA Benchmarks

The TPA Benchmarks are now hosted on Taskstream. Please follow this link for information about how to access them.

TPA General Information

General information about the TPA Program from the CTC is here.

TPA Forms, Documents, Permission Forms, and Video Tutorials

TPA forms, benchmarks, permission forms, a printable version of this semester's schedule, and all video tutorials are located here.

Teacher Performance Expectations

To learn more about California's Teaching Performance Expectations, click here [PDF]

TPA Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about completing the TPAs can be found here

Creating a New Taskstream Account

Students who are brand new to TPA and intend to submit tasks during first semester need a Taskstream account. Key codes are provided during the first semester orientations.

The video tutorial here (requires a CSU Stanislaus username and password from your email login) provides help with creating the account.

This document, Creating a New Taskstream Account, also provides assistance with Taskstream account creation. Please email tpa@csustan.edu for more assistance.

What is the Teacher Performance Assessment?

As of July 2008, California statute (Chap. 517, Stats. 2006) requires all candidates for a preliminary Multiple and Single Subject Teaching Credential to pass an assessment of their teaching performance with K-12 public school students as part of the requirements for earning a teaching credential. This assessment of teaching performance is designed to measure the candidate's knowledge, skills and ability with relation to California's Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs), including demonstrating his/her ability to appropriately instruct all K-12 students in the Student Academic Content Standards. Each of the three approved teaching performance assessment models requires a candidate to complete defined tasks relating to subject-specific pedagogy, designing and implementing instruction and student assessment, and a culminating teaching experience or event. When taken as a whole, teaching performance assessment tasks/activities multiply measure the TPEs. Candidate performances are scored by trained assessors against one or more rubrics that describe levels of performance relative to each task/activity. Each model must also meet and maintain specified standards of assessment reliability, validity, and fairness to candidates. All candidates who start a Commission-approved multiple and single subject teacher preparation program as of July 1, 2008 must meet the teaching performance assessment requirement.

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