Reaccreditation Self Study


Inquiry Circle 4: Researchable Questions & Evidentiary Data

How Effectively Does the University Support Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (RSCA) Appropriate to Its Mission?

Links to Evidence and Related Documents

EL113 Strategic Plan.pdf

EL120 University Organization Chart.pdf

EL128 Assessing Assessment- Dr. Mary Allen.pdf

EL135 Collegiate Learning Assessment: Summary of Findings 2006/07.pdf

EL136 CSU Stanislaus NSSE Benchmark Reports 2003,2004 & 2006.pdf

EL184 Alignment of Strategic Plan Indicators, Self-Study Themes, and WASC Standards.pdf

EL 185 Student Assessment Projects, Fall 2008.pdf

Researchable Question #1:

How clearly does the University define research, scholarship, and creative activity within the mission of the University as a learning-centered institution?

EL007 Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Annual College Reports (Hard copy available in Inquiry Circle 4 binder)

EL034 Departmental Elaborations for Retention, Promotion, and Tenure Summaries (Hard copy available in Inquiry Circle 4 binder)

EL040 Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Policy Committee.pdf

EL105 Departmental Elaborations - URPTC Memo.pdf

EL106 CSU Focus Group: Tenure- Track Faculty Perceptions of RSCA.pdf

EL155 Provost's Council of Deans and Academic Affairs Council.pdf

EL156 President's Executive Cabinet.pdf

EL157 College Constitutions.pdf

EL158 Resolution on defining research, scholarship and creative activity.pdf

EL159 Proposed Resolution for a Working Definition of Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity.pdf

EL169 Summary of Discussion on WASC RPT Recommendations - Provost's Council of Deans Winter/Spring 2009.pdf

Researchable Question #2:

How effectively do we value, recognize, and reward RSCA?

EL013 Sabbatical Summary 1989-2008.pdf

EL014 Faculty Tenure Denied Summary 1999-2006.pdf

EL029 University Principles and Criteria for Retention, Promotion and Tenure Review.pdf

EL029 Retention, Promotion, and Tenure Reports 1999-2006 (Hard copies available in Inquiry Circle 4 binder)

EL036 Tenured and Probationary Faculty Workload Agreement.pdf

EL137 CSU Stanislaus Journal Of Research (Hard copies available in Inquiry Circle 4 binder)

EL 168 Five-Year Retention, Promotion and Tenure Analysis 2003/04-2007/08.pdf

Researchable Question #3:

How effectively does the University support RSCA in terms of infrastructure, scheduling, funding, access to materials, the Library, and technological support?

EL012 Faculty Difference in Pay (DIP) Leave Summary.pdf

EL018 Research and Sponsored Programs Grant Activity.pdf

EL019 Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities Grant Analysis.pdf

EL132 Forum on the Relationship Between Research and Teaching.pdf

EL145 "Write Winning Grants" Seminar Announcement.pdf

Researchable Question #4:

How does RSCA inform and improve teaching and learning processes?

EL017 CSU Stanislaus Student Research Competition Six-Year Summary.pdf

EL042 National Survey for Student Engagement (NSSE) Campus Reports

EL107 Campus Faculty Survey Results.pdf

EL118 Community Inquiry: Homeless Shelter in Turlock.pdf

EL119 Department of Art, Faculty Research flyer.pdf

EL119 Department of Art, Faculty Research Program (Hard copy available in Inquiry Circle 4 binder)

EL141 Empire: Migrations, Diasporas, Networks Conference flyer.pdf

EL142 Gender Studies Faculty Associate.pdf

EL143 Call for Gender-Based Research.pdf

EL144 Provost and Speaker's Forum on RSCA 11/19/07.pdf

EL165 CSU Stanislaus Research Week 2008.pdf

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