Reaccreditation Self Study


Inquiry Circle 2: Researchable Questions & Evidentiary Data

How Effectively Does the University Infrastructure Support Learning?

Links to Evidentiary Data and Related Documents

EL113 Strategic Plan.pdf

EL120 University Organization Chart.pdf

EL128 Assessing Assessment- Dr. Mary Allen.pdf

EL135 Collegiate Learning Assessment: Summary of Findings 2006/07.pdf

EL136 CSU Stanislaus NSSE Benchmark Reports 2003,2004 & 2006.pdf

EL 184 Alignment of Strategic Plan Indicators, Self-Study Themes, and WASC Standards.pdf

EL 185 Student Assessment Projects, Fall 2008.pdf

Researchable Question #1:

How well does the University Library support learning and engagement?

EL041 CSU Stanislaus Library Report.pdf

EL042 National Survey for Student Engagement (NSSE) Campus Reports (Available on the Office of Institutional Research web site)

EL045 Graduating Senior Survey Campus Reports (Available on the Office of Institutional Research web site)

EL065 Library Collection Development Policy.pdf

EL066 CSU Stanislaus Library website & Stockton Library Access website.pdf

EL100 University Library Strategic Plan.pdf

EL110 "What's New With Interlibrary Loan?" University Library Newsletter, Spring 2007 (p.5), 2006/07 Interlibrary Loan Usage.pdf

EL115 LibQual Executive Summaries 2005 & 2007.pdf

EL146 VOX - University Library Newsletter

EL147 Warrior Book Contest

Researchable Question #2:

How well do the University's technological resources support learning and student engagement?

EL037 Distance Learning Data (WASC Annual Report for 2005/06).pdf

EL042 National Survey for Student Engagement (NSSE) Campus Reports (Available on the Office of Institutional Research web site)

EL048 CSU Annual Campus Technology Surveys (2004/05 and 2005/06).pdf

EL056 Information Technology: Computer Lab Support 2007 Summary.pdf

EL069 Interview with Carl Whitman 12/01/06.pdf

EL084 Academic Technology Plan.pdf

EL130 Position: Director of Client Services.pdf

EL167 Growth of Online Enrollments 2006-2008.pdf

Researchable Question #3:

How effectively do the University's support services meet the needs of its students?

EL003 Bookstore Fall 2006 Barnes and Noble Student Survey Results.pdf

EL005 Orientation Handbooks for Freshmen and Transfer Students (Hard copy available in Inquiry Circle 2 binder)

EL009 Policy on Undergraduate Academic Advising (08/08 version and 04/07 DRAFT).pdf

EL030 Student Support Services Mission and Overview.pdf

EL031 Tutoring Center Three-Year Trend Data.pdf

EL038 Counseling Center Three-Year Summary Data.pdf

EL042 National Survey for Student Engagement (NSSE) Campus Reports(Available on the Office of Institutional Research web site)

EL045 Graduating Senior Survey Campus Reports (Available on the Office of Institutional Research web site)

EL050 Chartered Student Organizations Summary.pdf

EL051 Intramural and Varsity Sports by Demographic Breakdown.pdf

EL052 Disability Resource Services Summary.pdf

EL061 "Tough Getting to the Top when Help is at the Top." The Signal, March 28, 2007 (Hard copy available in Inquiry Circle 2 binder)

EL070 Interview with Dave Hamlett 12/15/06.pdf

EL071 Student Affairs Annual Report 2005/06 (excerpts).pdf

EL072 Tutoring Center Interview 3/14/07.pdf

EL073 Writing Center website.pdf

EL073 Tutoring Center Policy and Procedures (Hard copy available in Inquiry Circle 2 binder)

EL074 Interview with Lee Renner 5/10/07.pdf

EL075 Mandatory Advising Policy.pdf

EL076 Interview with Associated Students, Inc..pdf

EL077 Academic Advising Program Recommendations.pdf

EL081 Interview with Lee Bettencourt 3/16/07.pdf

EL082 Disability Resource Services website.pdf

EL112 "Student Health Center achieves full accreditation renewal." University Digest, Vol.47, No. 3, February 2007.pdf

EL134 Stockton Advising Notice, Oct. 2007.pdf

EL160 Enrollment Management Plan.pdf

EL180 Student Affairs Assessment

Researchable Question #4:

Does the University have well-established policies and procedures for gathering and analyzing information about our students' engagement and learning, and does this analysis lead to systematic and continous improvement of our programs and student services?

EL008 Academic Program Review Procedures.pdf

EL010 Assessment of Student Learning Subcommittee Membership and Charge.pdf

EL053 Office of Assessment and Quality Assurance Mission and Purposes.pdf

EL054 Position Description: Faculty Coordinator for Assessment of Student Learning.pdf

EL057 Support Unit Review Policy and Procedures.pdf

EL058 University Assessment documents.pdf

EL059 Assessment Leadership Team description.pdf

EL060 Program Assessment Coordinator description.pdf

EL062 CSU Stanislaus Assessment Workbook (Hard copy available in Inquiry Circle 2 binder)

EL063 Overview of Assessment at CSU Stanislaus.pdf

EL064 Principles of Assessment of Student Learning.pdf

EL067 Student Affairs Outcomes and Assessment.pdf

EL078 Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement Implementation Policies.pdf

EL079 Assessment of Graduate Student Learning Goals.pdf

EL080 Inventory of University-Wide Assessment Methods.pdf

EL083 Program Level Assessment Methods.pdf

EL155 Provost's Council of Dean's and Academic Affairs Council.pdf

EL157 College Constitutions.pdf

EL166 Evaluating the Effectiveness of Provosts in Building a Student Learning Assessment-Supportive Organizational Strucuture (CSU).pdf

EL172 Assessment Flow Chart.pdf

EL173 An Evaluation of the Academic Program Review Process.pdf

EL174 Preliminary Review of the Support Unit Review Process.pdf

EL175 Program Assessment Reports

EL176 General Education Academic Program Review Template.pdf

EL177 Assessment Of General Education

EL178 Inventory of Educational Effectiveness.pdf

EL179 Assessment Distribution Process

EL182 Core Indicators of Educational Quality

EL 183 Stockton Analysis/Assessment Plan 2009.pdf

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