New Academic Calendar Q&A

California State University, Stanislaus will be discontinuing its Winter Term beginning with the 2010-2011 academic year and replacing it with a self-support inter-session. The action will move the University into a more traditional academic calendar model and will help CSU Stanislaus manage state budget cuts.

Below are Questions and Answers pertaining to the Academic Calendar change.

  1. Are we still having a Winter 2010 term?
    Yes. There will still be a Winter 2010 term. The Schedule of Classes for Winter/Spring 2010 is available on the Web, and priority registration for the Winter/Spring terms will begin on November 23, 2009.

  2. Will the decision to replace Winter Term with an inter-session beginning January 2011 affect my Financial Aid for this year’s Winter Term?
    Financial aid will not be affected for the current academic year.

  3. How will eliminating Winter Term from the Academic Calendar affect my Financial Aid for future terms?
    Financial aid will be awarded based on two 15-week semesters beginning Fall 2010. All Financial Aid amounts will be divided equally between fall and spring terms. Students will receive financial aid approximately one week before each term begins. The fall disbursement will occur on approximately 8/20/2010 and the spring disbursement will occur approximately 1/14/2011. A sample award will look like the financial aid package below:
    Award Academic Year Fall Spring
    Pell Grant $2800 $1400 $1400
    State University Grant, Cal Grant A, or Cal Grant B – Fees $4026 $2013 $2013
    Subsidized Student Loan $5500 $2750 $2750
    Unsubsidized Student Loan $2000 $1000 $1000
    Total $14,326 $7,163 $7,163
    A student’s award will be based on full time units, which will be 12 units each semester.  However, students do not need to be full time in order to receive financial aid.  If a student is enrolled in less than 12 units, the award will be prorated based on the number of units that student is enrolled in.  Undergraduate students must be at least half time (6 units) in order to receive student loans and some grants.  However, students can receive a State University Grant and a Pell Grant even if they are enrolled less than half time (1 – 5 units).

  4. Will this change affect my graduation?
    This change will not affect your graduation. Beginning Fall 2010 we will be awarding student degrees in Fall, Spring and Summer Terms. We will continue to have Commencement Ceremonies once per year at the end of Spring Semester. A bachelor’s degree requires a minimum of 120 units to be completed, and incoming students who plan on graduating in 4 years can still accomplish this goal by completing 30 units per academic year.

  5. What is a self-support inter-session?
    A self-support inter-session is a period in which courses are offered through University Extended Education (UEE).  It is called self- support because it is not state funded.

  6. When will this change to the calendar take place?
    Our last Winter Session will be held in January 2010.  Self-support inter-sessions will begin in January 2011.  Effective in Fall 2010 we will be implementing a regular semester calendar that consists of two 15-week semesters.

  7. Will this change the number of courses that I am required to take?
    No.  The unit and course requirements for your major and to graduate will remain the same. Since we will be transitioning to a traditional semester system, we will now have two 15-week semesters instead of two 13-week semesters.   You will have an additional 2 weeks per semester and a 3-week inter-session to finish all of your courses.

  8. Are students required to take the inter-session?
    Students are not required to take an inter-session course.

  9. Given that we will move to an inter-session via University Extended Education, will the units taken during the intersession count toward graduation?  
    Yes. Students may apply a maximum of 24 applicable units from University Extended Education classes toward their bachelor’s degree.

  10. Will the removal of Winter Term affect my housing?
    Housing will not be affected by these changes.

  11. Will the elimination of Winter Term affect my time to degree?
    No.  Full-time students, enrolling in 12 units or more, may complete 24 units in a year, and will be on track toward degree completion.  Students wishing to complete a degree in 4 years may take 30 units per academic year—which is unchanged from the current catalog/schedule.

  12. Will we still be offering courses during the summer?
    We will continue to offer some state funded summer courses and some summer courses through University Extended Education.

  13. How many units will be considered full time with the new academic calendar?
    Typically, undergraduates enrolled in 12 units or more and graduate students enrolled in 8 units or more are considered full-time.
Updated: 09/15/2011
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