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USU Reservations Coordinator
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Make a Reservation: Students, Faculty and Staff

University Business and Private Use:
Discounted facility fees are available to all currently enrolled students, Faculty and Staff for University business as well as for private use. In addition to a discounted facility fee, a $12.00 per hour Building Manager charge will be applied to all events that take place outside of the normal building hours.

In order to reserve any of the University Student Union facilities or the Quad, you must submit a request via the online R25 Master Calendar, available at If you have not yet been assigned a user ID and password, one can be obtained from the webpage listed above or by calling the University Reservations office at (209) 667-3419. Equipment can be requested for your events by completing one of the following forms based upon the location and specific needs of the event. Fees may apply based upon the equipment requested.

For more information regarding reservation requests or the University Student Union facilities, including the Quad please contact the University Reservations Office at (209) 667-3191.


University Student Union Reservations Office
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