USU Committees

Policy Committee:

The purpose of the Policy Committee is to prepare, review and recommend policies and procedures to the Board of Directors that govern the operation of the University Student Union. The committee is also responsible for reviewing and recommending changes to the University Student Union Bylaws, which are also brought to the Board of Directors for approval.

For more information please contact Jesse Betancourt, the Policy Committee Chair, at

Finance Committee:

The Finance Committee’s major function is to draft a budget for the following fiscal year. Committee members actively participate in budget hearings in which proposed budgets for each of the operational areas of the University Student Union are considered. The Finance Committee also monitors the current budget as the year progresses, ensuring that the expenses and revenues are in line with the projections from the previous year. Finally, the Finance Committee monitors long range issues, such as student headcount, student fee projections, reserve account balances, and investments.

For more information please contact Christina Kelley, the Budget Committee Chair, at

Operations Committee:

The Operations Committee oversees facility operations, organizational marketing, and strategic planning; both short-term and long-term. The committee strives to ensure that the University Student Union facilities are well maintained in order to cultivate a safe atmosphere for students to experience campus life. Utilizing various channels of communication, the committee seeks to educate students as to the opportunities for involvement and the many resources provided by the University Student Union. The committee also attempts to use these channels of communication to obtain student feedback that will help the organizational leaders correctly identify future goals and objectives by way of the strategic planning process.