Terms and Conditions

The Associated Students & University Student Union, (ASI & USU) Marketing team is here to help you take your marketing and advertising to the next level. However, due to the creative nature and scope of our work please be advised of the following guidelines:

Clients: ASI & USU Graphic Design services are provided to on-campus clubs, organizations and departments; however, ASI & USU entities will always retain priority.

Notice: All projects must be given at least 2 weeks notice before design date, unless otherwise approved by the ASI/USU Executive Director. Ideally, units should plan projects 3 weeks to 1 month in advance to ensure a high quality of work from start to print. Projects vary by type, therefore, completion times may also vary. Please allow 1 week between the design date and the distribution date to ensure enough time for approvals and printing.

Timelines: ASI & USU will make every effort to complete work by the due dates agreed upon. However, completion of projects may be delayed if the patron does not communicate with the ASI Marketing Services Coordinator and or Graphic Designer at various times throughout the projectís timeline. Postponement in communication or late submissions at any point in the project may cause the completion date to be pushed back.

Errors and Omissions: Patrons are responsible for the accuracy of ALL PROJECTS. It is the patronís responsibility to check all proofs (outputs) thoroughly for error and oversights of any kind. E-mail confirmation to the ASI Marketing Services Coordinator ( or signature of approval behind final copy is required prior to release for printing, uploading or replicating.

Cancellations: In the occurrence of cancellation of a project, ASI/USU keeps ownership of all copyrights and the original artwork


The Warrior Activities Center is now allowing clubs, organizations and departments to rent A-Frames at $1 per day/ per A-frame if they are not in use by the ASI & USU marketing team. The requestor must come to the Warrior Activities Center and fill out an A-Frame request at the WAC Front Office before taking them. A-Frames must be picked up by the requesting department/organization. The requestor must return the A-frame before 5:00pm to the Warrior Activities Center on the day of their check out date. A-frames are only limited to use at CSU Stanislaus.

If there is a low demand for A-Frames and the marketing team does not need to use them all, requestors may extend their time; however, they must fill out a new rental form stating the new return time/date. Requesting departments/organizations will be held financially responsible for all damaged or missing A-Frames. There will also be an additional $1 per day late fee each day that the A-frame is out.

Step-by-Step Procedure

  1. Requestor completes the Marketing work request form.
  2. Form is delivered to the ASI Marketing Service Coordinator by appointment (may be scheduled through email or phone call).
  3. Template and design is chosen at appointment, and rough price estimate is given.
  4. Priority list is made and given to the Graphic Designers.
  5. ASI & USU Graphic Designers design product(s).
  6. Design(s) is given to the ASI Marketing Services Coordinator or ASI Marketing Assistant.
  7. ASI Marketing Assistant contacts requestor to review the design via email or appointment.
  8. Any final changes are made.
  9. Project/Design is finalized (requestor signís off on design or approves via email)
  10. Print options are verified and completed.
  11. ASI Marketing Services Coordinator calculates total cost of services.
  12. Requestor picks up finished products and receives an invoice for payment.
  13. The requestor may pay via cash, check, or can sign the invoice and provide account number in order for ASI to charge the organization or departments account.
  14. Payment must be received in a timely manner, or will result in a late fee.
Graphic Design
All Graphic Designs $20.00/ hour
Flyers (1/4 page)* Color: $0.25/pg. | B&W: &0.10/pg.
Flyers (8.5 x 11) Color: $0.25/pg. | B&W: &0.10/pg.
Double Sided Flyers (1/4 page) Color: $0.40/pg. | B&W: &0.15/pg.
Double Sided Flyers (8.5 x 11) Color: $0.60/pg. | B&W: &0.20/pg.
Poster (19x29) $10 Standard Paper | $18.00 Photo Paper
Poster (24x30) $12 Standard Paper | $20.00 Photo Paper
Poster (30x40) $20 Standard Paper
Lamination* only up to 24x36 $1 per square foot
Business Cards* $10.00/ 100
Brochures** $40/ 100
Banner (vinyl) $4 per square foot
Special Sizes/ Other Determined upon request
A-Frames $1 per day
*$1.00 cutting fee applies
**$5.00 folding fee applies

ASI/USU A-Frame Form (Beta)

Thank you for using our online Marketing work request form. By completing this form, you will introduce us to your goals for the project. Please provide as much information as possible. After you submit the form, please be sure you receive an acknowledgement that your job was sent (a thank you screen will appear).

We will contact you within two days to discuss your project if further information is needed. Please plan on 10 working days for design work and 10 additional working days for print projects. Jobs larger in scope may require more design time. We look forward to working with you.

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