Associated Students, Inc.
2013-2014 Organizational Goals

1.  Continue to strengthen governmental affairs on campus and expand the Warrior Street Team.

2.  Develop community-centered programs and activities that mutually benefit the campus and those in the community.

3.  Support sustainability programs that will increase environmental awareness on campus.

4.  Implement and expand special events and research more effective marketing strategies to increase the attendance of each event.

5.  Continue to lobby the university to provide career services and professional resources to the students.

6.  Establish relations with the International Education Department and advocate on behalf of their students.

7.  Improve recruitment, retention, and achievement of the ASI Board of Directors by encouraging participation and providing more incentives to those involved.

8.  Integrate advances in technologies on campus to accommodate the technology needs of students, faculty, and staff.

9.  Identify strategies and efforts to enhance ASI Welcome Week and continue to partner with Housing & Residential life to increase student participation.