USU Game Room




The game room is located in the University Student Union Building beside Pop's convenience. It offers many games and activities for students to do during their breaks from classes. It not only has chairs and couches for socializing, but it also has a refrigerator, microwave and vending machines for student use. 
There are 4 gaming stations including X-Box Live, Nintendo 64 and Nintendo Wii. Games are always changing and currently the Game Room has Madden 2013, FIFA 2013, Call of Duty: Black Ops II & 4 Modern Warfare, Super Smash Brothers Brawl and the classic MarioKart! The Game Room also has board games, billiards and ping pong for students to play at a low rate.

Gaming tournaments are held monthly in the game room, where free food is provided and you will have an opportunity to win prizes such as cash, gift cards, shirts and games. If you would like more information about the tournaments or want to sign up please call the Game Room at (209) 667-3779 or email us Reserve the Game Room now!

The Game Room is also great for birthday parties and other social events of less than 100 people. The space is available for private rental on evenings and weekends. Please contact the USU Reservation/ Facility Coordinator (209) 667-3191 for more information.

New this year is the Game Room is a program called the Special Membership. Please read below for more information on it. This membership gives the following benefits:

--One FREE Tournament registration for that month. If there are multiple tournaments that month, then you get to choose which one

--Regular price for first 9 games you play that month. Once you play your 10th video game you get FREE GAMING the rest of the month!

--Cost is $5 per month for the card. Please stop by the Game Room to purchase one (cash or check only please

Contact Information:

Game Room
(209) 667- 3779

Jose Talamantes
Phone Number: (209) 664-6590

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 10:00am-5:00pm