Indoor Soccer

* All final decisions will be made on the discretion of the On-Site Manager *



  • Shirts must be worn by all participants, even under jerseys provided by the Intramural program.  If a team decides to provide their own jerseys, each team member must have one.  The jerseys must be the same color and have a number on at least one side.  All participants must wear a shirt with a number.
  • Players must wear appropriate court shoes. Cleats are prohibited.
  • All game balls will be provided by the Intramural program and will be used for all games.
  • Jewelry must be removed or taped. Intramurals is not responsible for providing tape.



  • Both teams will get a 5 minute grace period. Please keep in mind that this means teams MUST BE READY TO PLAY at the 5 minute mark. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit. The On-Site Managers’ timepiece will be the official time.
  • The team winning the coin toss will have the choice of starting either the first and fourth quarters or the second and third quarters with the ball.  Teams will switch sides after each quarter.
  • At the referee’s whistle, a player taking a place kick from the center of the court into the opponent’s half of the court or their own will start the game.  Prior to the kick, players shall be on their respective sides of the field.  A goal may not be scored directly from a kickoff.  The player who kicked off may not play the ball again until another player has touched the ball.  An indirect kick is awarded if this occurs.
  • The game consists of four 8-minute quarters.  There will be a 5-minute halftime between the second and third quarters, and a 1-minute break between the first and second quarters and the third and fourth quarters.
  • Game time is running time with the clock being stopped at the officials’ discretion.



  • If the margin reaches 8 goals or more at halftime or thereafter then the game is immediately terminated
  • Teams may “scrimmage” with time permitting that the next game will start on time. The final decision for the time of the scrimmage is at the discretion of the On-Site Manager.



  • In the event that regulation play ends in a tie during the regular season, the game will end as a tie and both teams will get 1 point in the standings. If a tie occurs in playoffs, a Golden Goal extra time session will occur. Extra Time will consist of two 5 minute golden goal halves. As soon as one team scores, the game is over.
  • If no team scores then a best-of-5 penalty kick shootout will determine the winner. A coin toss will determine which team kicks first.  Teams may only select five players for the penalty kick shootout out of players who are on the court at the end of extra time. If a shootout goes more than 5 frames then the shooters will repeat in the same order that they did for the first 5 frames.
  • For Co-Ed, teams must alternate between male and female shooters. In the event that there are two or less of a gender, a player of that gender cannot shoot in the first. 
  • Ejected players or players whose penalties were still going on at the end of overtime are ineligible for the shootout.
  • To be eligible for the playoffs, a player must have played in at least one regular season game for the team(s) he or she intends to represent. The player’s name MUST appear on the scorecard for the game(s) played.



  • There are no throw-ins.  Games will be played across all three basketball courts in the gymnasium.  The northeast, southeast, and northwest corners of the gym are considered out of play.  If the ball enters this area, the last team to touch it loses possession and the ball is awarded to the opposing team with a free kick.
  • All kickoffs, goal kicks, kick-ins, and corner kicks are indirect.
  • A team may score off of any direct kick or penalty kick.
  • The goalie is allowed to touch the ball with his/her hands only between the two free throw lines up to the far side of the free throw line.
  • On an indirect free kick, the wall must be 5 yards away.



  • The ball cannot be kicked over the two thick red sidelines of the main basketball court without having touched a player of the same team other than the one who kicked the ball.  Violations of this rule by any player, including the goalie, will result in an indirect free kick in favor for the other team at the center of the attacking solid red line.
  • The ball is out of bounds if it hits the ceiling or the wall on or above the thick red line surrounding the gym.  It is a dead ball from the spot the ball went out of bounds.  The defending team will take an indirect kick.
  • NO SLIDE TACKLES!  A slide tackle is a dangerous maneuver performed by a defender in which one or both feet slide on the ground in an attempt to tackle the ball.  A field player may not intentionally slide tackle.  Exception: the goalie may perform a legal slide tackle in his/her own penalty area.  Field player attempt with no or incidental contact =at least a yellow card.  Definite contact or a tackle from behind = a red card.
  • A player receiving a yellow card must sit out for two minutes of playing time. During the penalty the player serving the penalty period cannot be substituted, therefore his/her team plays down a player.  If the offended team scores during the two-minute penalty, the remainder of the penalty will be waived and the offending player, or a substitute, may return to the court.  The official will note the time of the infraction and release the penalized player when the penalty period has expired.
  • A player receiving a red card is ejected for the duration of the game. In addition, their 5-minute penalty will be served by a teammate who was on the court at the time of the infraction. A team must still abide by the gender specifications during this penalty kill. Once the 5 minute penalty is over then the player serving the penalty may return to the court.
  • If a player receives a yellow card and the offended team scores on the subsequent free kick, then the power play ends.
  • If a player receives a yellow card and the offended team scores on the subsequent penalty kick, then the power play continues.
  • A power play from a red card will continue for the entire 5 minutes regardless of how many goals the team with the man advantage scores.
  • In the event a player receives a red card or is ejected from the game, he/she must leave the field and may not stay in the area of play.  If a player refuses to leave, his/her team will forfeit the game.  The player will also be ineligible for further competition in Intramural Indoor Soccer until further review.



No more than 12 players are allowed per team. 

A team must have a minimum of five players or a maximum of six players on the field at the start of the game.  A team with less than 5 players will automatically forfeit the game.  Teams may not remove players from their roster once that player participates in a regular season game. 

Players may not, at any point, change teams once they have participated in a regular season game. 

Teams may add players throughout the season if an open roster spot is available.

In order to participate in any intramural contest, all participants must present a photo ID.