Outdoor Soccer

* All final decisions will be made on the discretion of the On-Site Manager *


Players and Substitutions


  • Teams will consist of seven players (6 field players and a goalkeeper).  A minimum of six players are required to start play.  A team with less than six players will automatically forfeit the game. See below for the Co-Ed requirements.
  • Players are responsible for turning in ID cards to the scorekeeper before the game starts. Participants without a picture ID are prohibited from participating. 
  • Substitutions in the course of a game are unlimited (referee must be notified) and either team may substitute under the following conditions:

a.  On a goal kick                                e.  After a goal has been scored

b.  On a corner kick                             f.  In the event of an injury

c.  On a team’s throw in                      g.  Equipment change

d.  Between periods                            h.  Player cautioned




  • Shirts must be worn by all participants, even under jerseys provided by the Recreation program.  If a team decides to provide their own jerseys, each team member must have one.  The jerseys must be the same color and have a number on at least one side.  All participants must wear a shirt with a number.
  • Shoes- All players must wear an enclosed shoe.  Spiked shoes made out of any non-metal material may be worn.  NO METAL CLEATS.  Any players wearing metal cleats must remove them immediately; play must be stopped until the metal cleats are removed.
  • Jewelry must be removed. If it cannot come off, then it must be taped. Intramurals is not responsible for providing tape.
  • All game balls will be provided by the Recreation program and will be used for all games. 


Start of Game and Game Time


  • We will play under NFHS soccer rules with the exception of the regulations listed below:
  • Game time is starting time; there will be a 5 minute grace period. PLAYERS MUST BE READY TO PLAY AT THAT TIME!! The manager’s watch will be the official time.
  • The team winning the coin toss will have the choice of kickoff or ends of the field.
  • The game consists of two 20 minute halves.  There will be a 5-minute halftime.
  • Game time is running time with the clock being stopped at official’s discretion.
  • Kickoffs: Prior to the kick, players shall be on their respective sides of the field.  The player who kicked off may not play the ball again until another player has touched the ball.  An indirect kick is awarded if this occurs.
  • If play is stopped by the official for any injury or unusual delay, the ball shall be put back into play by a drop ball.  If a team has clear possession of the ball when play is stopped, they shall be awarded an indirect kick.  In all cases, the ball is put back into play from where it was when play stopped.  However, the ball is not to be dropped inside the penalty area, but at the nearest spot outside the area.
  • Ball out of Play- The ball is out of play when it has completely crossed the goal line or sideline, on the ground or in the air, or when play has been stopped by an official.
  • Throw-In: When the ball has crossed the sideline, it is put back in play by a throw-in from the spot where it went out, by a player from the opposite team that last touched it.  If a team throws in an improper throw in, then the other team will be awarded a throw in from that spot. A goal cannot be scored directly from a throw-in.
  • Corner Kick: When the ball has crossed the goal line after last being touched by a player from the defending team, it is put back in play by a kick from the corner of the field nearest the side it went out by the attacking team.
  • Goal Kick- When the ball has crossed the goal line after last being touched by a player from the attacking team, it is put back in play by a kick from the goal area by the defending team.
  • The goalkeeper may pick up the ball with his/her hands when inside the penalty area.  He/she may not pick up a ball that has been passed back to an own teammate.  The goalie may not distribute the ball past the centerline in the air off a punt. If so, the opposing team will get an indirect kick from half field.
  • There is NO OFFSIDE.
  • NO SLIDE TACKLES!  A slide tackle is a dangerous maneuver performed by a defender in which one or both feet slide on the ground in an attempt to tackle the ball.  A field player may not intentionally slide tackle.  Exception:  the goalie may perform a legal slide tackle in his/her own penalty area.  Field player attempt with no or incidental contact= at least a yellow card.  Definite contact or a tackle from behind= a red card.
  • Profanity is subjected to discipline, up to and including a red card.
  • Attempting to kick, strike, trip, push, slide tackle, jump or charge at an opponent may result in a yellow card for the offending player.
  • In the event a player receives a red card that player will be ineligible for further competition in Intramural Soccer until further review.
  • Each team is allowed ONE timeout per game. Timeouts may only be called while there is a stoppage in play. Either team can use their timeout regardless of who would have the ball at the restart of play. Teams will not be charged timeouts for injuries.


Co-Ed Rules


  • To play with 7 players, a must have AT LEAST 3 players of each gender on the field.
  • A team must have a minimum of 2 players of each gender to play. If a team only has 2 of each gender they must play with 6.


Mercy Rule

  • If a game has a goal differential of 7 goals or more at halftime or at any time in the 2nd half then the game will be terminated. If the teams wish to continue with a scrimmage, the time will be adjusted to make sure that the next game would start on time.
  • It is the discretion of the On-Site Manager to permit or deny the teams the opportunity to continue scrimmaging once the Mercy Rule takes effect.


Tiebreaking Procedures


  • During the regular season, if the game ends in a tie then it remains a tie and both teams receive 1 point in the standings. If a game ends in a tie in play-offs, overtime will be played as follows:  A 5 minute golden goal situation will occur. As soon as one team scores, the game is over. If no team scores then a Best-of-5 penalty kick shootout will determine the winner.  If the first five frames do not determine a winner then a different set of shooters must kick in a sudden death fashion.  No player may kick more than once until all eligible players on the team have kicked.




No more than 14 players are allowed per team.