University Student Union
 Organizational Goals 2013-2014

  • Advertising/Marketing
    • Continued efforts to rebrand the USU
    • Renaming game room and other rooms
    • Increased marketing of Code Red Entertainment and BOD events
    • Digital signage in and outside of the USU
  • Fostering relationships with other on campus departments
  • Determine lease rates for ASI, University departments, and retail
  • Succession Planning/Recruitment/Retention
    • Encourage interactions between programmers, volunteers and the Board of Directors as a part of succession planning for continued opportunities with the organization
    • Encourage Board of Directors member involvement in periodic events (i.e., Open Houses and recruitment events)
  • Technology
    • Improve technology within the USU building and within each unit
  • Create sustainable practices within the USU building
  • Improve assessments of student opinion and needs on a consistent basis

Renovation Goals 2013-2014

  • Renovate facilities to increase services/opportunities provided to students
  • Implement renovation proposal for the following (prioritized):

    • Expand the Stanislaus Conference Room
    • Convert Lakeside Conference Room to become the office of Student Leadership and Development
    • Current Student Leadership and Development office becomes retail space
    • Renovate Game Room
    • Current New Student Orientation Space becomes Service Desk area
    • Complete the Event Center Renovation which include flooring, adding a green room, storage
    • Renovate USU building entrance
    • Implementation of HVAC and lighting project
    • Renovate restrooms
    • Renovate current Garden space area