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USU Organizational Goals

USU Organizational Goals 2011-2012

    1. Patio seating in front of Mom’s (near the bike rack)

    2. Stop the Hate
                - Programming and training

    3. Create a USU recycling team that also helps to reduce electricity used

    4. Commuter Lounge within USU

    5. Phase II – Continuation on our current plans

    6. Logo Rebranding/Signage
                - More appealing entrance
                - Renaming game room and other rooms
                - Increased Marketing
                - Digital Signage in and outside of the USU

    7. Research management of the SRC

    8. Research hiring accounting services personnel

    9. Develop a collaborative working relationship with Housing and New Student
        Orientation focusing on student involvement and programming

    10. Succession Planning

  • Provide expatiations of positions and time commitments
  • Encourage programmers and volunteers to attend BOD meetings to start a chain of command so that students work their way up through the organization