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Full-time Staff



Cesar Rumayor, ASI/USU Executive Director
Phone: (209) 667-3827

Under the direction of the Board of Directors for the Associated Students Inc. (ASI) and University Student Union (USU) student governments entities.  The Executive Director is responsible for providing administrative, operational, fiscal, supervisory and programmatic leadership for ASI and USU. Responsible for developing and implementing student leadership opportunities for the organizations which supports the intellectual, social, ethical and leadership development for student leaders and to oversee the daily operations and administration of the ASI and USU facility, programs, and services.



Jose Talamantes, Assistant Director of Operations


Phone: (209) 664-6590

Under the direction of the Executive Director, the Assistant Director of Operations is responsible for day-to-day operations of the University Student Union Building.  Duties include scheduling of services and repairs or maintenance, building security, custodial services and any other duties with relation to the University Student Union and its operations. Oversees all building renovation projects including evaluations of needs assessment data, and creation of long-range planning/ funding for future projects.  This position is also responsible for the overall operation and management of the Game Room.



Aubrey Nelson, Interim Assistant Director of Programs and Leadership
Phone: 209-667-3832

Under the direction of the Executive Director for the Associated Students Inc. (ASI).  The Interim Assistant Director of Programs & Leadership is responsible for providing guidance for program development, leadership, marketing, and evaluation of ASI and USU programs. Responsible for supervising and assisting WAC Programs Assistant, student assistants and volunteers within programming, by selecting, training, facilitating meetings, conducting performance evaluations, setting departmental goals, and monitoring and directing work flows.  Administration of the leadership education programs and works closely with students and staff relative to student leadership and development.


Ammie Mundello, HR Specialist
Phone: (209) 667-3829

The HR Specialist is responsible for planning, directing and maintaining all human resources functions on a daily basis for the Associated Students, Inc./University Student Union to include administration of benefits and compensation programs, payroll and personnel records, leave usage, staff recruitment, orientation and training, risk management, employee relations, and compliance reporting



Kathy Holloway, ASI Administrative Assistant
Phone: (209) 667-3834

The Administrative Assistant for the Administration Dept. of ASI responsibilities include: managing all financial and accounting records for the ASI; processing payroll for ASI and USU; cash receipt posting, processing requisitions, disbursement of funds, and maintaining subsidiary ledgers; makes all ASI and USU travel arrangements;  monthly reconciliation of ASI credit card statements.



Katie Rotan, ASI Marketing Services Coordinator
Phone: (209) 664-6520

The ASI Marketing Services Coordinator performs a variety of marketing and public relations duties and projects. Coordinates and develops promotional materials and marketing strategies for the Associated Students, Inc. and the University Student Union. Assists clubs, organizations and departments with graphic design requests, apparel designs and other orders. Responsible for updates to the website, Facebook and other social media sites. The position is also responsible for the Warrior Merchandise Retail sales.



Lyzz Zaragoza, WAC Programs Assistant


Phone: (209) 667-3772


The WAC Programs Assistant provides programming, administrative and general support for the Warrior Activities Center.  Oversees student work staff including the front desk, and the Service Desk. The Programs Assistant is responsible for the overall operation of the Service Desk. This position also plans and coordinates “Monday Pick Me Up’s” in the student union and oversees the Warrior Discounter.




Melissa Goodman, Reservations Coordinator
Phone: (209) 667-3191

The Reservation Coordinator is responsible for the scheduling and event planning for individuals and groups interested in reserving the Quad and University Student Union facilities. The Facility/Reservation Coordinator is also responsible for equipment rental requests which include but are not limited to, AV equipment, stages, tables and chairs.



Victor Jimenez, ASI Lead Graphic Designer
Phone: (209) 664-6630

The ASI/USU Lead Graphic Designer is responsible for developing and managing the overall visual appearance and branding of ASI and USU advertisement and print materials. Has oversight of the marketing team responsible for the marketing to increase participation and positive awareness of programs and services offered by the ASI and USU; as well as various marketing services offered to the campus community.