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Biotechnology is the application of technology to biological systems and living organisms. It generally refers to the techniques, tools, and procedures for modifying living organisms for human purposes in engineering, agriculture, science, technology, and medicine.

More than meets the eye

Jung-Ha An is using math to prove that not seeing is indeed believing.

In the medical profession, as in many industries, time is money. So when medical professionals look at a patient’s CT scan or MRI and notice something blocking their view, they usually need to have the patient scheduled for another scan in the hopes of later diagnosing the patient.

Oh, how the medical imaging industry is changing thanks to CSU Stanislaus Assistant Professor of Mathematics Dr. Jung-Ha An and others performing similar research.

An is using complex math formulas including partial differential equations to help determine what may lie beyond obstructions in medical imagery. The applications of this research could help save millions of dollars per year in re-imaging fees.

Outside of the medical imaging field, An says her research has practical applications in many fields, including entertainment and agriculture. She foresees her research possibly being applied to help farmers determine where prime cuts of meat reside in living animals, aid in the development of image stabilization software in cameras, and assist in the digital remastering of older films or the manual restoration of classic pieces of art.

Updated: 07/07/2010
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