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Download: Respondus4Campus.exe


The California State University System has a Consortium license for the Respondus software.

Respondus is a Windows application for creating and managing tests, quizzes, and surveys for Blackboard or for printing hard copies. It runs well on Macs with Boot Camp and on virtual Windows software, such as Parallels and VM Ware Fusion.

For a product description, a complete list of features, and information about the Respondus Test Bank Network (a free service that allows instructors to download publisher test banks), visit www.respondus.comNew Browser or website icon.


Downloading and Installing the Respondus Software
Do not download the software directly from the Respondus website,
nor use our password to activate a copy previously downloaded from their site.

This campus-wide version is for use only by those affiliated with California State University.
Download: Respondus4Campus.exe
  1. Save the installer to your Desktop to find it easily.
  2. Double-click it to start the Respondus installation program.
  3. During the installation process you will be asked to enter the name of the institution, the local support contact, and the installation password.
    2013-2014 License Information

    Institution Name: California State University Consortium
    Local Support Contact: Bob Koehler,, 667-3898
    Installation Password: Contact BbSupport for Password

We recommend that you accept the default settings when installing the program on your computer. 928413126-744533703

Check for updates after installation. If you see a window to run the update, do so.

NOTE: When you register Respondus and are ready to use the Publish Wizard, use the following URL to copy and paste the address of our Bb entry page

OPTIONAL: This patch updates the older Respondus Campus-Wide Version.

This patch is included in the new Respondus version linked above (Version
Download and install this patch only if you are using the older version of Respondus and have not already run the patch.
Patch for Respondus Campus-Wide version: Download Patch
Do not run the patch for the new version
Contact Bob Koehler (see below) with questions about this patch.

Respondus Support

Download our version of the Respondus Tutorial (PDF) with set up instructions for CSUStan Blackboard.

Context-sensitive help is available throughout the Respondus program by pressing the F1 key or by selecting Help from the pull-down menu on the toolbar.  Respondus also has a link to open your browser to the video tutorial pages at Respondus.

If you have questions about or problems using the Respondus software, first consult the online help or the Respondus User Guide. If you are still unable to resolve your problem, direct your questions to:

Email Bob Koehler
Educational Technologist

Respondus Demo Movies (using Adobe Flash Player)
Creating and Formatting Questions with Respondus
Publishing an Assessment to Blackboard
Publishing an Assessment to Moodle
Using Publisher Test Banks with Respondus
Moving an exam from one course management system to another

Randomizing Exam Questions

Legal Statement
Our license with Respondus, Inc. does NOT permit instructors to obtain support directly from Respondus, Inc.

Our license DOES permit our users to install a copy of the Respondus software on a home computer.

However, please note that you are not permitted to provide the Respondus software or the password information to anyone who is not affiliated with our institution. Such an action is both a violation of our licensing agreement with Respondus and is illegal.
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