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Discussion Board

The Discussion Board is a communication tool that can be used to enhance a course web site. Conversations group a main posting (forum) with all related replies (threads).

Viewing the Discussion Board

Click either the Discussion Board or Tools & Communication link from the main course menu (these default names may be different in your course).
The Tools & Communication link will display a Discussion Board link on the page.

Entering the Discussion Board Thread

Click the Forum Name

Create or Reply to a Thread

Click the Create Thread button to start a discussion. Not all Discussion Boards will let students create a thread. Some will allow only Replies.

Starting a Thread

1. Enter your Subject
2. Enter your Message
3. Attach a file (optional) - not all threads will allow attaching a file
4. Click Submit (Save Draft keeps the copy for you to return to complete the message. then click Submit).

Reply to a Thread

On the Discussion Board Thread Detail page, click Reply

Enter Reply

The Subject is a response to the thread topic
1. Enter your message
2. Click Submit
It is also possible to reply to a reply, etc.


Click the Search button on the Discussion Board Page to open the Search Window
Enter a Keyword in the Search text box and select Current Discussion Board or All Forums in Course (or Current Forum in a thread).
Select Dates and Times (optional)
Click GO

Thread Actions and Collect

Thread Actions let you mark items
Collect displays the text of all items checked on one page
The Print Preview button on the Collect page opens a new page for printing.
The Filter button lets you limit what is displayed by Author, Status, Read Status, and Tags

BbSupport 2/7/12