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Blogs & Journals

Creating Blogs and Journals

The Blog and Journal tools are similar. A Blog is a public discussion.  A Journal is either a personal space to communicate privately with your instructor, or a self-reflective tool where you can post your ideas, opinions, and concerns. The instructor can post replies.
Your instructor may make journal entries public, allowing all other course members to view them, but not to reply or comment.

Finding Blog and Journal Tools

Click Tools & Communication on your course menu (default name, instructors may modify that link name).

The Tools & Communication Page

Click either
1. Blogs or
2. Journals


Blog setup is similar to the Discussion Board. Click the Blog Name.

The Blog Page

The instructor may have instructions or directions for your Blog.
1. The right side has information about the blog: Type, Author, Entries, Comments, other Blogs, and the Index
2. Click the Create Blog Entry button.

The Blog Entry Page

Enter a
1. Title (required) and
2. your Message.
3. To attach a file, click Browse My Computer, navigate to the file, open it, and
4. click Post Entry
Posting closes the Blog Entry. It is available for viewing or commenting.
Clicking Save Entry as Draft lets you return to complete and post it later.

Comment on a Blog

After clicking the blog name,
Click the Comment button
Enter your comment
Click the Add button on the Comment window.

View Comments

Click the Comments: # link to view that comment.

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Click the Journal Name

1. Enter a Title
2. Enter your Message
3. Attach a File (optional)
4. Click Post Entry
Save Entry as Draft allows you to return to complete the entry.
Posting the entry locks it. It will be available for viewing or comments, as settings allow.

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