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A wiki is a collaborative tool in your course where you can create, view, edit, or comment on content.
Class members or group members can collaborate in a wiki, depending on the setup.
Instructors and other students can enter comments about your wiki, and your instructor can grade individual or group work.
Wikis are an effective way to contribute and to modify one or more pages of related material.

Finding the Wiki Tool

Click Tools & Communication on your course menu (default name, instructors may change that).

The Tools & Communication Page

Click Wikis

On the Wikis page

Click a Wiki title.

Create a Wiki

On the Create Wiki Page,
1. read the Instructions
2. enter a Name
3. enter the Content
4. click a Submit button.

Edit Wiki Content

On the Wiki Page, click Edit Wiki Content.
Edit the content of the Wiki and click a Submit button.

Comment on a Wiki

On the Wiki page,
1. click the Comment button.
2. a Comment window opens,
3. enter your Comment
4. click Add.

Linking to a Wiki

If a Wiki has multiple pages created, you can insert a link to another wiki page from the wiki page being viewed.
The Wiki needs at least 2 created pages to create a link.
From the Edit Wiki Content page, click the Link Icon on the text box tool bar.

Insert Wiki Page Link

From the Insert Wiki Page Link page
1. select a Wiki Page Link with the pop-up menu
2. optional, rename the wiki page link to change the text in the wiki Content text box.
3. click a Submit button


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