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Dear Colleagues,

The California State University Employee Update
Friday, July 10, 2009

I am writing to provide a brief update on the CSU budget and our campus planning efforts.  As you have read from the email updates forwarded by me from the Chancellor’s office during the past few weeks, including the report from Tuesday’s special meeting of the CSU Board of Trustees, we are facing a massive system-wide budget cut of approximately $584 million in the current 2009/10 fiscal year.  This is an unprecedented situation for the CSU and our campus to have to confront.
The Chancellor has held numerous meetings and discussions over the past month with campus presidents in an effort to better understand the full implications of these cuts on our campus operations.  We will meet again on Monday, July 13, to continue those discussions and obtain further guidance.
Currently, it is our understanding that CSU Stanislaus’ share of the cut is between $5 million and $8 million.  There are many issues impacting our budget that we do not have direct control over, including what actions will be taken by the CSU Board of Trustees on July 21 with respect to potential student fee increases, enrollment reductions, and labor cost reductions.
I want to assure you that we have not been sitting idly by but, rather, as bits and pieces of information are received, I have been meeting with my Vice Presidents and the Deans to discuss possible options and to begin developing some proposals.  We will meet again Wednesday afternoon, July 15, and I encourage you to submit to your respective Vice President or Dean any suggestions you might have to assist in our planning efforts.
I also wanted to note that a question was recently raised regarding my announcement about several changes in administrative reporting lines.  Everyone should be aware that these changes were discussed with my administrative team on several occasions, and they are a normal part of any campus’s operational processes and procedures.  These reporting changes would have been made regardless of the current budget situation.
As CSU Board Chair Jeffry Bleich emphasized this week, “We all need to understand what we’re dealing with and the timing and tools that we have available to address the budget situation.”  These are very difficult times for all of us and we are trying to work through some very complex issues within a very limited timeframe and without all the information or numbers.
As you can see, we are sailing through some very uncharted waters, and I ask for your patience and understanding, realizing that some decisions are going to have to be made as expeditiously as possible.

Updated: 03/04/2011
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