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Budget Update (ARRA funds)

Dear Colleagues,
In keeping with my promise to provide you with the most current information concerning the budget, I am writing to share some good news.   Chancellor Reed has recently notified campuses that the CSU received the final allocation of $106 Million in one-time federal stimulus money allocated under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).   Our share of this one-time funding is nearly $2.1 Million.  
As directed by the Chancellor, a portion of the funding ($730,000 including benefits) is to be used to support a 100 FTES increase in our AY 2010-11 enrollment (from 6665 to 6765).  The remainder ($1.34 M including benefits) is to be used to restore student services and to otherwise restore the general capacity of campuses to serve and instruct students.  
In keeping with the Chancellor’s instructions, we will focus on our students and their success and embark upon a process to establish new FTES targets for each college for the remainder of the year under the leadership of the Provost.  Given the uncertainty and fluidity of the budget situation, the infrastructure portion of this one-time funding will be held centrally pending the final outcome of the state budget negotiations.
This good news comes in the midst of continuing uncertainty, but I know that you share my gratitude over the receipt of this latest ARRA one-time allocation.  I will provide additional updates as we receive more information.

Updated: 03/04/2011
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