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Last week the California state legislature proposed, and the governor has signed, a budget bill for the FY 2010-2011.  This bill provides two elements of funding for CSU.  First the bill provides the CSU with $199 Million in restorative funding which serves to back-fill part of a “one-time cut” of $305 Million to the CSU in FY 2009 - 2010.  In addition, the CSU will also receive $106 Million in one-time Federal stimulus funding which will be used to help CSU meet its payroll. In turn, CSU will use monies from state support and student fee revenues previously set aside for payroll to admit new students and provide course funding for the new enrollments.

In addition to this restorative funding, the budget bill also provides $60.6 Million for enrollment growth for FY 2010-2011.  Campuses have been asked to open spring enrollment and increase enrollment targets beginning spring semester.  Currently there is a lot of discussion between campuses and the Chancellor’s office concerning allocations of these funds.  The Stanislaus campus has not yet received any funding from this budget bill and we are not expecting any clarification concerning actual allocation for a few weeks.   Early communications suggest that CSU Chancellor’s Office will allocate the $60.6 Million to campuses to support enrollment growth targets increasing CSU total enrollment to 325,360 students.  Our campus target will likely be increased from 6665 FTES to 6869 FTES for the remainder of this year.  The remaining funding which includes the $199 Million in restored funding and the $106 Million federal funding will likely be utilized by the Chancellor’s Office to mitigate any one time budget reductions.

With the passage of this budget, another chapter of the story concerning California’s ongoing financial crisis is coming to a close.  The campus budget planning for FY 2010-2011 began last year with several planning assumptions from the Chancellor’s office.  Our planning assumed that the $305 Million one-time 2009-2010 budget reduction would be restored to the CSU.  Our planning assumed that there would be no furloughs, student fees would increase by 10%, and there would be no other reductions to our funding base.   The current bill addresses these assumptions with the exception that student fee increases have been limited to 5% and not 10%. I have stated to campus groups on numerous occasions that if these assumptions were to hold, the campus would only have to reduce its base budget to account for temporary furlough savings achieved in FY 2009-2010.  The result would be a reduction in campus base funding of about $4.3 Million.  That action was discussed in depth by the University Budget Advisory Committee and other groups on campus.  The campus is in the process of implementing that base budget reduction because none of the actions taken by the legislature and governor have changed our basic planning assumptions.  Certainly if we receive funding for enrollment growth, that funding (less SUG) will be available for providing additional classes to the additional students being admitted in spring and fall semesters.  However, at this moment, we must reduce our base budget to cover the lost furlough savings.  This has been our plan and it is in line with what many other campuses have been forced to do as well.

We continue to look for ways to try mitigate the impact of these changes on the campus community. I will certainly provide more information as it becomes available.

Russell Giambelluca
Vice President of Business and Finance

Updated: 03/04/2011
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