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Provost's Diversity Initiative

CSU Stanislaus is an attractive minority-serving institution recognized for promoting the success of a widely diverse student body. The American Association of State Colleges and Universities cited CSU Stanislaus as one of 12 campuses nationwide for creating a campus culture that results in outstanding student retention across all demographics.  In addition, the University has been nationally recognized by prestigious organizations and publications for its excellence in diversity such as the Princeton Review, the U.S. News & World Report, Diverse Issues in Education, Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, the National Collegiate Athletics Association, and the Southern Regional Educational Board. Together, the accolades affirm nationally what is recognized locally: CSU Stanislaus offers a quality education with the highest level of dedication to student success.

What students say about diversity at CSU Stanislaus
Recently, two graduate students in the Department of English analyzed students' ideas about diversity.  Under the supervision of Dr. John Wittman, Ms. Simi Dhaliwal and

Mr. Ned Weidner reviewed essays in which students expressed their opinions regarding diversity on campus and made recommendations for improving campus diversity.

Students' ideal campus...
Students described their ideal campus as one in which the campus community included diverse students, faculty, staff, and administration.  They also portrayed the ideal campus as one in which the learning environment is respectful of diversity, promotes diversity as an essential element of a quality education, and provides for equal opportunity for all students.

CSU Stanislaus is diverse...
Overwhelmingly, students stated the belief that CSU Stanislaus is indeed an ideal diverse campus as indicated by

  • diverse and supportive faculty
  • a safe and supportive learning environment
  • many Hispanic students
  • many first generation college students
  • cultural events
  • in-class and out-of-class interaction
  • a good representation of the diversity of the surrounding community

Continuing the commitment to diversity...
These students eloquently expressed the core value of CSU Stanislaus: that the quality of education and diversity are inextricably linked. We welcome you to CSU Stanislaus.

For more information of the Provost's Diversity Initiative:
Office of the Provost
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