Economics Student Association Constitution


Section 1: The Name

The name of the organization will be the Economics Student Association of California State University, Stanislaus,

also known as the Economics Club of California State University.

Section 2: The Purpose

The purpose of the Economics Club is to:

1) Promote a better understanding of economics in an informal context.

2) Facilitate interaction among students and faculty about ideas, course information, etc. The club encourages student/faculty relations through a number of events.

3) Provide information to all those interested in studying Economics at the undergraduate level and beyond.

Section 3: Non-Profit Organization

The said Economics Club shall be a non-profit organization. It shall at no time procure funds for the purpose of furthering any individual's personal gain, monetary or other.


Section 1: Becoming a Member

Membership in this organization shall be open to all California State University, Stanislaus students.

Section 2: Voting in Club affairs

Open voting memberships are only extended to students, faculty, and staff at CSU Stanislaus.

Section 3: Success of a motion

Motions will be accepted with a majority vote i.e. 51% or more of attendees at a meeting in agreement with a given motion.Must have Quorum as stated later in Constitution.


Section 1: The Executive Board and how they are determined:

1) President

- Economics Club Election

2) Vice President

- Economics Club Election

3) Treasurer

- Economics Club Election

4) Secretary

- Economics Club Election

Section 2: Elections:

Elections shall occur at the last meeting of the Economics Club in the Spring Semester or the first meeting of the fall semester or if the members at the meeting prefer via email or an electronic poll. Officers shall be elected by a simple majority vote of all members present at the meeting or voting via email or an electronic poll. Length of all terms shall be one year. In the event any office is vacant during the academic year a special election will be held for the position at the next scheduled club meeting.Should the position not be filled it is the duty of the president to appoint duties to the remaining officers to perform those tasks necessary to maintain the club until a new officer can be allocated.

Section 3: Officer Expectations

A. The President shall:

1) Preside over Economics Club and Executive Board meetings.

2) Make temporary appointments to any elected seat in the event of a vacancy.

3) Have one vote at club meetings.

4) Schedule special meetings as necessary.

B. The Vice-President shall:

1) Take the Presidentís place in the event of his/her absence.

2) Assume the Presidency temporarily in the event the office is left vacant.

3) Be an Executive Officer member of all standing committees and keep track of all activities the committees are currently involved in.

4) Be the Economics Club/Student Association liaison.

5) Have one vote at club meetings, and shall make the tie breaking vote in case of a tie.Thus, allowing the VP to vote twice under said circumstances of a tie.

C. The Secretary shall:

1) Be responsible for recording the minutes of each club meeting.

2) Be responsible for making public the meeting minutes as soon as possible after the meeting through email or other convenient means.

3) Be responsible for maintaining an accurate record of all club meeting minutes for the academic year.

4) Keep an accurate attendance record and take attendance each meeting.

5) Keep an accurate record of all correspondence of the club.

6) Have one vote at club meetings.

D. The Treasurer shall:

1) Maintain all official financial records of the Economics Club.

2) Give a report of all balances in all accounts currently held at each club meeting.

3) Have one vote at club meetings.


Section 1: Reasons for Expulsion

All officers and members may be subject to impeachment by a 2/3-supermajority vote of club members in attendance at an impeachment meeting.Officers and members are expected to uphold their positions in the club and this constitution and represent the Economics Club in a responsible manner.



Section 1: When the Economics Club Meets

The Economics Club will have regular meetings. What day and time the meetings are held will be decided by a general consensus of the club members. The day and time of the meetings are thus subject to change.

Section 3: Quorum

Every official Economics Club meeting/event must have at least one faculty advisor present.In order for any decision to be made, and at least one of the members on the Executive Board must be present.Both of the aforementioned conditions combined are necessary for quorum.


The rules used to govern all proceedings of the Economics Club are decided and agreed upon by the Executive Board and members of the club in collaboration with the Advisor.Meetings will be loosely based on the general principles set forth in Roberts Rules of Order.


Section 1:

The Economics Club shall have its authority to, in the event they are necessary, create bylaws for the purpose of clarifying or specifying certain parts of the Constitution. These bylaws will not be used to change this Constitution in any way.


Section 1: Procedures

1) This Constitution may be amended, expanded, or replaced with two members of the Economics Club executive board present.

2) All amendments must be submitted to the club one-week before they will be voted on.


ARTICLE VIII Accordance with Laws and Rules


Section 1: General Statement

1) The Economics Club of California State University, Stanislaus will abide by all rules and regulations of the University, State, and Federal governing bodies.