Past Paper Topics From PADM5007 Spring 2013 & Earlier


Miranda Lutzow

The Economics of Drug Addiction and the Impact of Supervised Self-Injection Sites


Julie Falkenstein

Sustaining Home Visiting Using Targeted Case Management Funding


Dinah Copple

Faith-Based Initiatives & Public Funding



James Ryan

On the Societal Efficiency of California Dairy Subsidies


Richard Daniels

Furloughs as A Means To Mitigate Costs



Triana Ramos-Esqivel

The Economic Effects of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program in the Central Valley


Juan Padilla

The Costs of Capital Punishment: Does California’s Death Penalty Cost Too Much?


Brenda Luquin


California Department of Correction and Rehabilitation, County Jails, and Public Safety Realignment


Katherine Melson

Development Impact Fees Vs. Property Taxes In California: The Impact of Proposition 13 on Development


Teresa Young


Substance Abuse Treatment Programs:

Reducing Recidivism Rates and Prison Expenditures


Sayil Alsayil

How Economic and Budget Cuts Impact California's Universities  


Benjamin Foulger

San Diego's Free Trash Collection


Sophia De Sousa

Universal Preschool for California: Is It Worth The Investment?


Lisa Mariona

California’s Costs for Keeping Inmates & Potential Reallocation of Funds


Ana Garcia

The Costs of High School Dropouts



Jose Martinez-Granados

Has Standardized Testing Improved California's Elementary and Secondary Education?


Wendy Olmstead

Lowering Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Golden State: Emission Fees or Cap and Trade?


Nactalye Vicencio

Will Investing More Money in Juvenile Probation Officers Reduce the Crime Rate?


Rosa Vargas

California Property Taxes:

Impacts of Proposition 13 Property Tax Limitations in California 1970s to Present


Tracy Morgan

Lowering the Costs of Dept. of Corrections by Increasing Funding for Other Programs


Lucio Adam Loera

Do Professional Sports Teams Hurt or Help the Local Economy?


Brytni Corso

Property Taxes at a Glance: The Effects of Proposition 13 in California

Joanne Smith-Ripp

Transportation Funding: Proposed Solutions for Redesigning Gasoline Taxes

Andrew Perez

After-school Programs and their Effectiveness


Marcus Tucker

Investing in Public Access: A Research Proposal on Turlock’s Bicycle Infrastructure Project

Patricia Baron

Supplemental Instruction in K-12 Education

Ashley Barnes

Fiscal Impacts of Legal Immigration in California from a Public Finance Perspective

Barbara Olave

The Effects of Local Policy Decisions in Turlock on the Homeless Population

Suad Salamh

The Delta Levees: The Costs and Benefits of Operation, Maintenance, and Repair

Jesse Puett

The Internet and Sales Taxes in California


Beatriz Ramirez

California’s High-Speed Rail Project: A Legacy to the Future or to Nowhere?

April Dunham-Filson

Denair Unified School District and School Fundraising: K12 Relying on Fundraising to Offset a Dismal Budget; When is it too much?

Amanda Martin

Public Pension Efficiency in California


Jessica Bettencourt

Funding of State Employee Pensions: What’s at Stake with Pension Reform?

Benjamin Siegel

Outsourcing Public Safety: Does Outsourcing Law Enforcement Services to Balance the Budget Benefit the Community?

Amy Rodrigues

Greenways and Municipalities: Fiscal Impacts of Bikeability Projects on Municipal Governments and Townships

Dominique Spinale

To preserve or Not to Preserve?  An Analysis of Agricultural Preservation

Emily Cimino

Safe Drinking Water for Africa


Ryan Daugherty

An analysis of permitting concealed carry of hand-guns on college campuses by students and faculty provided they are properly trained and licensed by law-enforcement agencies

Lizeth Martinez

Effects of Illegal Immigration on California’s Economy


Daniel Pizano

Costs/Benefits of Professional Sport Team Stadiums and Arenas: Are sports stadiums worth the costs?


Spring 2012

Rebecca Burnett

Are Healthy Meals Economically Feasible in California Public Schools?

Rebecca Hernandez

How would immigration legalization programs affect the United States?

Darren O'Reilly

Illegal Immigration



Effects of Imposing a Licensing Fee for Cats on Stanislaus County Animal Services Shelter

Jaime Suarez

Budgetary Effects of Prison Realignment on Merced County

Patricia Wall

Investigating ways to finance the offering of chemical-free fresh fruits and vegetables in the school lunches

Michael Amaral

Bus Rapid Transit

Veronica Tovar

The California Dream Act

Marisa F. Huntley (Fernandez)

Vehicle Pursuit Policy Proposal

Miranda Gutierrez

Equity Challenges to Education Funding: The Legal Battle

Yarely Contreras

Prison Overcrowding

Jeremy Ballard

The Effects of Proposition 13 in California

Judith Martinez

In a Country of Immigrants, Do They Help or Make Things Worse?

Julie Zimmer

Low Income Health Program (LIHP) Funding and Equitable Access

Eustolio Calderon

Analyzing the Economic Impact of Immigration Reform for Undocumented Immigrants in California

Tessa St John

Does Privatizing Prisons Save Money?

Sean Prevette

California’s High-Speed Rail: The Fast Track into the Future or Failure?

Maryann Weiman

Changes in the definition of Poverty

Robert Sosa

The Increasing Cost of College

Iqbal Atwal

The Effects of Budget Cuts on CSU Stanislaus

Koo-Sun Kim

Impact of New Storm Water Management Utility Fee On Public Finance

Jaskaran Dhesi

Reconsidering Cal-WORKs

Bryce Dias

Mitigating Climate Change in California by Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (Assembly Bill 32)



Spring 2011

Tom Jones Parco


Should the State of California Legislators reduce the Medi-Cal (Medicaid) Benefits?

Alice Nguyen


Examining the Effectiveness of the Gang Resistance Education and Training (G.R.E.A.T.) Program  In Addressing Youth Gang Problems

Patricia Gulfam


Impact of Tobacco Policies in California on Reducing Negative Externalities and Funding Programs



An Analysis of the Head Start Program


Teresa Rogers


What Impact has CalWORKs had on Costs and the Conversion of recipients to Self-Sufficiency?

Elizabeth Bartenhagen  

Do Tickets Really Reduce Traffic Accidents?

Strategies to reduce Distracted Driving

Nahren Youkhanna

How is the recession affecting the Field of Nursing?



Jose Morales


High-Tuition/High-Aid Policy


Mercedes Morales


After School Programs: The Effectiveness and Efficiency of Staying After School

Abram Perea


Police Services: Contracted or Locally Provided?


Pamela Neronha


What is the economic feasibility and possible fiscal impact of the adoption by the California Air Resources Board of measures, proposed rules, and policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions under the California Global Warming Solutions Act, AB 32 (2006)?

Miranda Chalabi

Electronic Health Record: A Struggle for Solo and Small Group Practices

Winter 2010



Emergency Health Care Crisis in California


Welfare and Poverty in California: A Financial Perspective


Residential Options for People with Developmental Disabilities: A Glimpse into the Services and Supports


Proposition 13: Can We Still Afford It?


Taxes on Sugared Beverages



Evaluation of the Costs and Benefits of Implementation of SB 1078 (Sher)


Impacts on Public Safety and Cost of Reduced Risk of Sex Re-Offense for Two Methods in Stanislaus County: Global Positioning System Sex Offender Tracking and Sex Offender Treatment


U.S. Dairy Subsidy


A Comparative Study of DUI Rates Between States: A Policy Review of California and New Mexico


TEA-21 and the Significance of Public Transportation Initiatives


Effects of a Jail Expansion on the Local Community


The Peripheral Canal Proposed to Divert Water from the Sacramento River


An Analysis of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control’s Special Fund


S.J. County HSA Community Service Program Worker/Shelter Counselor


Merced County Foreclosures


Recycling at California State University, Stanislaus


Benefit-Cost Analysis of Tuolumne County’s Dependency Drug Court


Implications of the HITECH Section of the ARRA for the Use of Electronic Health Records in Patient Care

Hunter-Brown, Charlotte

What Impact Will the Decrease of Allocated Funds by Governor Schwarzenegger For HIV Infected Clients Have on the State of California?


Cigarette Tax and Economy


The California Education Data System Overhaul: A Closer Look at the Cost for California


No Child Left Behind Act: A Benefit and Cost Analysis


The Economic Impact of Child Care for Low and Medium-Income Families in San Joaquin County

Winter 2009


Paradise Sounth: A Community Development Corporation


Work Participation Rates in CalWORKs: Approaching Work Activities and Sanctions in New Ways


Emergency Room Visits in California Hospitals


The Fuel Tax: Funding theCalifornia Transportation and Infrastructure System


Stanislaus County Library Technology Funding Analysis Proposal


No Child Left Behind: A Misuse of Public Funds Case Analysis


Solar Powered Maglev Worth Consideraton for California Prop 1A


Reassessing a Recession’s Reliability: MedicAlert’s Major Gift Initiative


Impacts of the California High Speed Rail


Healthy Families Cap on Enrollment: Critical Analysis of Potential Effects on California


Animal House: Is the Proposed County Animal Shelter the Best Choice?


The Costs of Roundabouts vs. Traditional Signalized Intersection Controls


‘SCATE’ing into the Read: A Financial Inquiry into the Stanislaus County Alternative to Euthanasia Voucher Program

Alvarado,Maria Ashley

Are Victims of Domestic Violence Underserved Due to the Lack of Funding at the Women’s Center of San Joaquin Co? A Public Policy Analysis


Extending the Bay Area Transit to Tracy


Affordable Housing: A Look at California Policy & Local Programs


The Pathways Program: Benefit/cost analysis of a transitional living program

Brima, Nahrain

Economic Impact of the California High Speed Rail


Charging Interest on Child Support Arrears: Impacts to Overall Collectability and Performance


Property Tax in California: Should We Change Our Assessment Policies Again?


Adolescent Drug Abuse A Study of the Relationship between family structure & Adolescent Drug Abuse


Financing and Sustaining After School Programs Throughout the California San Joaquin Valley


Economic Effects of Cigarettes Taxes


Universal Preschool: Is It Worth Pursuing?

Winter 2008

Kim Anderson

San Joaquin Multi-Species Habitat Conservation and Open Space Plan A Comparison With Existing & Planned Habitat Conservation Plans Key Differences in Approach and Efficacy

Darren M. Antonovich

Funding the Clean Up: An analysis of the City of Lodi’s choices in paying for the extraction of industrial solvents from the ground table and water system

Kevin Beltz

Bond Financing versus Pay go in California

Michael S. Castillo

An Evaluation of the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

Brandon Cody

An Analysis of Social Security

Lorie CostaRios

San Joaquin County Growth Industries High Wages and High Skill Job Training

Raul Dominguez


Modesto Outreach and Intervention Team: Proposal to Reduce Dropout Rates, Criminal Activity

And Reduce Gangs in Modesto City Schools

Marissa Hernandez

Should California Build Another Prison?

Julia Herrera

Analyze and Implement The Widening of Highway 132

Amanda Hughes

California Health care crisis: Will a single-payer reduce costs for Tuolumne County?

Joi Kulisek

Adopting a Crime Prevention Program in Stockton Similar to the Crime prevention Program in Oakland

Tariq Mahmood

Central Park proposal for the City of Modesto

Dave Myers

Do the Benefits of Hiring Eighteen More Teachers at Nine Elementary Schools within the Lincoln Unified School District Outweigh its Cost?

Gabriela Nuño

A Comparative Analysis: Resources for Schools Serving Low-income Families

José A. Nuño

San Joaquin County Gap Loan Program

Aaron Raby

Pay or Play Health Care in California

Athena Rios

Welfare versus Working

Karla Rivera Trejo

Federally Qualified Health Centers in Stanislaus County

Teresa Salas

Affordable Housing

Eric Schneider

Public Stadiums and How They are Financed

Santiago Uvina

Housing Today: The need for government intervention

Nicole White

Fear of Police: A Critical Analysis if Interactions between Turlock Residents and the Turlock Police Officers

Andrea Zipser

Nutrient Management Plans to alleviate Pollution


Past Paper Topics from PADM5007

Winter 2007

Sean Scully

Homeless Shelter in Turlock:  Costs, Benefits, Considerations and Possible Options?

Ashley  Murray

An analysis of a restoration of Glen Canyon

Jeff Hillberg

Proposition 13’s Affect on Revenue Sources

Danielle M. Campbell-Bohn

Transportation Tax Initiative for Merced County

Stephanie Crocker

Modesto Area Express:  Should a Discount Rate be offered to the Poor?

James De Jong

Working Through Fiscal Impacts of Proposition 1A

Genese M. Lynch

Gallo Center for the Arts

Aaron Farnon

Minor Home Repair Program

Andrew Johnson

Merced County “Costs and Benefits of Becoming a Self Help County

Stacie Dabbs-Vilciauskas

Should the Merced County Board of Supervisors approve the proposed Riverside Motorsports Park?

Jasmin Bains        

How do impact fees affect a growing community such as the City of Livingston?

Gregory S. Shuping

Should the City of Turlock Create a Mobile Home Subsidy

Jose Luis Moran

Proposal to Analysis & Implement The Widening of I-205 For California Intestate Improvements with in the Central Valley

Dana Culbertson

The Benefits of County Island Land Annexations To the City of Modesto

Emily Pino

Light Rail:  The San Joaquin Valley’s Transportation Solution?

Lantz Rey

Does the City of Ceres need to reevaluate their Public Facility Plan?

Andrew Janz

The Budgeting Process for the California State University: Project Proposal

Tony Amundson

The Hornet’s Nest, The Stick and the Making of a Municipal Skate Park

Winter 2006

Rowe, Jeffrey

Extending the Sacramento Light Rail System to Elk Grove

Vital, Kyle

Are Slow Growth Initiatives Affecting Tracy’s Housing Prices?

Helms, Mark

A Study to the Cost to Build and Operate a City Jail in Stockton, CA

Brown, Cenarus

Community Service/Service-Learning

Rogers, Leslie

San Joaquin County School Expulsion: Proposal to Analyze the Social Impacts

Matuska, Tami

Did the Benefits of Implementing an On-Line Application and Tracking System Outweigh its Cost?

Esther, Chris

Sales Tax to Improve County and City Roads in Stanislaus County

Gamboa, Mary

The Impact of a Tiny Insect: A Look at the Implementation of a Mosquito Tax on San Joaquin County Landowners

Brooke, Patrick

Public Money; Private Stadiums: How the Next Big Stadium Project Could Affect Me?

Pinto, Kimberly

Stockton Dog Park Project Proposal

Quadros, Terry

Should the Superior Court of California, County of Solano Implement a Mental Health Court Program?

Hunt, Bonnie

Water Meters in the City of Sacramento: Costs and Benefits

Chandler, Easter

Consumption of Contaminated Fish from the San Joaquin Delta: Impact on Southeast Asian Populations

Eads, Melissa

Preschool for All: A Comprehensive Review

Broddrick, Troy

Unfunded Liabilities Pay Now or Pay Later, But Who Should Pay?

Moses, Kate

Should a City with a Traffic Congestion Problem Impose a Congestion Fee?

Areida, Rebecca

City of Lodi: Costs of a Water Meter Retrofit Program

Verelst, Sabine

Public Transportation: The Central Valley Solution

Ouch, Sinap

Inclusionary Housing Project

Saletta, Tia

Spending for Public Art

Winter 2005

David Van Dyken

Transportation Funding in California and Tuolumne County’s East Sonora Bypass

Jeanette Fabela

Cost Recovery for the Riverbank Code Enforcement Department

Brian MacDonald

Analysis of Streetscape Project in Tracy

Sandra Varela

Fat Tax or an Analysis of Potential Taxing of Junk Food

Francisco Bañuelos

College Assistance for Migrant students Programs (CAMP) Proposal

Mathew Medina

Proactive Seatbelt Enforcement (The Cost of Life)

Robert Hardie

Oakdale Airport Expansion:  Is Eminent Domain Justified?

Josh Edrington

Workforce Investment Act Youth Programs in Stanislaus County, Project Yes

Cynthia Phillips

Tuolumne County Medically Indigent Adults if the County Hospital Closes

David A. Leamon

Potential Community Development if High Speed Rail in Stanislaus County

Carole Soobitsky

Automated Time-Clock Devices for Payroll Integration into the City of Tracy’s Software Program

Tyler Summersett

Metering Water in the Valley

Winter 2004

Kristopher Sanchez

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Proposal

Travis Xiong

The External Impacts of Hmong Gangs

Sophia Y. Monroy

The Lodi-Stockton Greenbelt:  A public Finance Perspective

Edwin Pattison

The Economics of a Sports Entertainment Complex in Downtown Sacramento

Raul Garcia

Do Grant Funded Programs form the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District Work?

Maurcio Maldonado

California Manufactures Investment Tax Credit:  The Impacts on California’s Finances, Employment and Growth

Daisy Melencio

How Effective is the Family Resource Center in the Delivery of Assistance to Northeast Stockton Families?

Mary Cervantes

Merced County Mitigates the State Budget Crisis by Implementing a Business License Fee

Barry C. Siebe

Justification for Parking Master Plan

Reynaldo Morelos

Proposition 36 in Merced County

Norberto Ramirez

Improving the Effectiveness of the Stanislaus County Probation Department Day Reporting Center

Christopher Dunton

South Lake Tahoe’s Proposed Parcel Tax

Alfredo Mendoza

Headhunters for Welfare to Work, Job developing in Merced

Robin Kelly

A Public Finance Examination of the California Health Insurance Act of 2003

Lou (Rodney) Compton

Benefits and Costs of consolidating school districts

Chou Her

Costs & Benefits of a Helicopter Program

Annette L. Garcia

Provision of Court Interpreters in Stanislaus County

Angelina Ceja

Fiscal Impact of the Great Valley Fellows Program in the Great Valley Center

Winter 2003


Early Title

Bradley de la Cruz

Alternative Transportation Plan 2002 Proposal

Todd Knittel

Cost of Hiring a New Employee in the Public Sector: Model UC San Diego Capital Planning Agency

Bryan Whitemyer

Should Station One Be Rehabilitated or Rebuilt

George Gongora

Harm Proposition 49 Could Cause

Marshea Jones

Taxing Soda, Taxing Kids?

Tina Drain

Should I implement a Shuttle Program for CSU Stanislaus?

Cheryl Fields

Should San Joaquin County Replace its Current Paper-Based Voting System with an Electronic Voting System?

Frances Hutchins

Impact of Proposition 36 Funding on the Substance Abuse Treatment System in San Joaquin County

Mark Zollo

Private vs. Public Provision:  Ambulance Transport service for the City of Lodi

Christine Babb

Property Tax Privacy

Carol Marshall

Comparable Worth

Alejandro Torres

Construction of a New High School

Thomas Franzese

Can the City of Modesto Benefit from a Red Light Camera Program?

Debra Scott

Exploring Policy Options for Curbing Population Growth at the Local Level

Desi Reno

Beyond 2000 Recycling Goals

Kathryn Johnston

Should Subsidized Transportation be Provided to Low-Income Residents To and From a County Dental Clinic?

Staci Hopkins

Coordinated Case Planning: Strategy for Increasing Job Placements in Stanislaus County’s Community Services Agency

Salvador Cervantes

Alternative Funding Sources for Disabled Children

James Malberg

City-Wide Ambulance Service

Florence Low

Should the City of Stockton Annex Unincorporated Islands Located Within City Limits?

Mike Taylor

Street Trees in the City of Stockton: Are the Program Benefits & Costs Recognized?

Concepcion Gayotin

How Long Will California’s Budget Survive Ballot Box Budgeting?

Carla Ehlert

Readmission Reduction Program Proposal for San Joaquin General Hospital

Shawn Cubbage

Arco Arena Fit fot a King?  A look at  the Proposed Sport and Entertainment Arena for Downtown Sacramento, CA

Winter 2002


Early Title

Linda W. Lowe

Transportation solutions for senior citizens and disabled persons

Jose Rubianes

Agriculture land mitigation in San Joaquin County: Bureaucracy in action or farmer’s best friend

David Stagnaro

The City of Stockton’s proposed utility tax reduction

Vicki Smith

The fluoridation of public drinking water systems in Stanislaus County

Devin W. Jones

Is wider better?  Increasing highway capacity in Stanislaus County

Phil Govea

Impacts of Privatization of waste water facilities on public finance

Anita Hellam

A closer look at affordable housing in Stanislaus County

Russell D. Hill

Estate Tax vs. Death Tax

Cameron K. Parr

Juvenile Diversion Programs for Tuolumne County

Sara Gonzalez

YARTS New Alterative

Tim Everall-Newman

When the sales tax meets the internet

Winter 2001


Early Title

Heather Duvall

Motor Vehicle Injury Prevention

Hilton MacDonald

Grant Funding for Stanislaus County Homeless Veteran Transitional Housing Proposal

Cathy Alexander

To Build or Not To Build That is the Question

Brandon Price

The Costs of First Year Programs

Maria Mendez

School Linked Service Systems

Ann Brewster

Stanislaus County Youth Ranch: An Alternative to Long-Term CYA Commitment

Winter 2000


Early Title

Victor Curtis

Construction of a 60 Bed Regional Facility for Detention and Commitment of Juvenile Offenders from Amador, Calavaras and Tuolumne Counties

Yvonne Eagle

Special Education – A New Funding Model

Kevin Finnerty

Accountability Budgeting System

Kym Renner

Virginia Corridor Bike Path: An Issue of Railbanking

Dee Tucker

Title I Funding for Ceres High School

Cynthia Paes

Proposal for Dialysis Unit, Brandel Manor

Christina Walker

School Vouchers: The Effects They Have on Public and Private School Funding.

Jeff Bruno

An Analysis of Affordable Housing and the City of Modesto

Rosa Lee

Should the Environmental Health Division Be Separated From The County Health Care Services Agency?

Audrey Mathers

An Analysis of Lodi Station

Laura Mayate-DeAndreis

Allocating California’s Water: Problems and Possible Solutions

John Palmer

The Assessment of Exactions & Impact Fees in the City of Tracy as a Result of Proposition 13

Laureen Price

Classroom Reduction in El Dorado county and the State of California

Vijay Sinha

Road Pricing: Why it is Important

David Allee

The Fiscal Impact of Hmong Refugee Resettlement on Merced County

Nancy Havens

The Williamson Act Pro

D. Christine Hollister

A Program Review of the Scholarship Stewardship Program and Policies at CSU, Stanislaus

Jennifer Humphrey

Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Policies at Colleges and Universities

Hans Husman

Stanislaus County Coroners' Office: A Proposal to Increase County Revenue

Lisa Jacobs

Welfare Reform Act - Cal Work

Charlotte McDonald

Beyond the Community Service Agency